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Prevention Vs. Promotion Essay

554 words - 3 pages

Audris Bell
Professor Morris
English 1101
10 December 2008
Prevention vs. Promotion
Is sex education about prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy or is giving sex education equivalent to permission in engaging in sex? The problem is that at the present time sex education is taught in the public schools is incomplete. It does not cover morality associated with sex, sexual dysfunctions and deviations and the institution of marriage. Sex education in American schools has not helped decrease the teenager incidence of venereal diseases (VD) or teenage pregnancy. This is because it has not changed their sex habits. According to Marian Wright Elderman, President of the Children' Defense Fund “out of every twenty teens, ten are sexually active but only four use conceptions, two get pregnant and one gives birth” (qtd. Kasun). ...view middle of the document...

Sex education is given in every American school, public or private, from grades 2 to 12. Teachers are told to give technical aspects of sex education without telling the students about moral values or how to make the right decisions. After describing the male and female anatomy and reproduction, the main emphasis is on the prevention of venereal diseases and teenage pregnancy. With the rise of AIDS, the focus is on 'Safe Sex' which means having condoms available each time you decide to have sex with someone you don't know. Our tax dollars have be used to have started dispensing free condoms and contraceptives to those who go to school health clinics(Collison). Very soon there will be vending machines in school hallways where 'children' can get a condom each time they feel like having sex.
Instead of listening to the "professionals," parents should listen to their children. Few young people really want to participate in society's obsession with sex. Seventeen magazine and the Ms. Foundation commissioned a nationwide study.
Seventy-three percent of the girls said they would have sex only if their boyfriends pressured them. The boys complained that "... they are pressured by their peers to have sex and are considered wimps if they don't score." Eighty-one percent of sexually active girls said they were sorry they had become sexually active. (Collison)
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