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1. Seniority: A blessing or a curse?
2.1 Summary
2.2 Moral value
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2.4 Date of publish

2. Driving to work is tough
3.5 Summary
3.6 Moral value
3.7 Reference
3.8 Date of Publish

3. A living nightmare: customer who show up early & late
4.9 Summary
4.10 Moral value
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4. Work routines that drains you
5.13 Summary
5.14 Moral value
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5. Dealing with under qualified co-worker
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This reasoning can be applied to a person who is working in a fast food place. Here, seniority could possibly mean that those folks can't get anything better than where they are right this moment. Perhaps they’re going through a tough time and they’re trying to make ends meet. However, this is not a good reason to treat the new employee like a slave. After all, you might end up performing the same tasks as your supervisor. The only difference would be that they have the official “supervisor” title and you don’t.
Whereas, jobs such as landscaping or other manual labor jobs seniority usually means many years of hard work. These are the folks who have paid their dues. These are the managers who tend to be hard working and continue to do so even after they've been around long enough to be counted as seniority around the business.
These are the people who actually care about your career and future. They go out of their way to show you all the secrets of the trade so one day you can be doing the same thing. They see you as a student and not an assistant.
In some ways seniority is a curse and a blessing. Obviously, it’s a curse for those who are under the one with said title. Just hope that the senior in your business is a good boss and mentor. If you’re lucky you’ll work with someone who’s going to take good care of you during your term, and you won't have to say how much you hate your job.

1.1 Summary:
Seniority can be divided into two categories, which are good and bad depending on the company itself. If the company you’re working with has a good senior that can provide with good guidance, you’ll have no problem at all. (And vice versa) If the title goes to you, the same can be said as above, just think of the long run.

1.2 Moral Value:
Seniority is not a title that should be use to take advantage of the new employee, nor should the new employee relies heavily on the senior as well. The best thing to do is to work together harmoniously without taking advantage of one another.

1.3 Reference:

1.4 Date of publish:
Friday, January 23rd 2009

2. Driving To Work Is Tough

Nowadays, it's pretty common for people to have to commute a bit of a distance to get to their workplace. But, no one said you had to enjoy it.
A lot of people have said if they could find a job that could match their current pay and it was closer to home, they'd take it. Unfortunately, most big businesses are primarily located near the metropolitan area, so that’s probably not going to happen.
There are quite a few reasons why you probably can't stand driving a long distance to get to work, the most prevalent being the people around you.
If you’re like many, you probably hate driving on the expressway because so many people will get in the fast lane and go the speed limit. That makes no sense whatsoever. If you're going to drive at the same speed as everyone else, get in another lane!
Then, there's always some elderly person driving...

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