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There are several impacts to society when there is an influx of immigrants pouring in from surrounding countries. These impacts can be both good and bad and in my opinion can have many butterfly effects. These effects in our current times are realized easier because of years of this immigration happening between various countries back in forth. The impacts on public finances are neither a gain or drain on the society of the natives. Migrants cost the government more money but this line of cost moves in parallel to the surplus, which suggest that they are actually stimulating the internal demand. There is a common thought about the contributions of migrant workers being minimal because they ...view middle of the document...

Vadean and N. Vadean. They say that the migration has a positive effect on demography and ageing. The migrant workers create a butterfly effect with the labor force. The small but negative effect migration has a redeeming feature in that it creates additional population, which creates more supply and demand for goods and services. This supply and demand leads to increased productivity to compensate which can now be accommodated by the increase of migrant workers in the workforce creating additional employment do to economies of scale and spillover. With all of this it must be kept in mind that how the migrant works enter into the destination country is important in that it affects the public finances and labor markets differently. Research shows that migration increases the GDP and increases the workforce. The growth of any destination country depends a lot on the performance of migrant workers. As the globalization of economies increase and there is a rising of developing countries, which makes the developing economies more attractive to underdeveloped countries natives, which leads to more migration.
I believe that there is truth to the article in the evidence that they present. However, I hold my own opinion on the matter of immigration. I am not against and think that immigration has positive effects on economies period whether it is seen at first or not, but ultimately it does. says that 40% of largest United States companies are founded by immigrants or their children. Companies like EBay, Google, Brightstar, and U.S. Steel where all founded by immigrants. One of the largest companies in electronics, Intel, was even founded by immigrants. American students are the lowest achieving in almost all categories and these high-end cooperate positions are hard to fill with native-born Americans because there is a high achievement, motivation, and academic precedence of foreign-born students with the drive to push boundaries in the STEM fields. That is the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. Sixty percent of these foreign-born achieving students make up the STEM fields. If our leading people in these industries are migrant workers of astounding achievements and we do not let them stay when migrating, giving them the opportunity to grow and flourish, they go back to their countries and help them develop further instead. Opportunity cost most definitely presents itself in such circumstances. The balance of payments is not effected by refugees if the income earned by them and all monetary transactions remain within the country of refuge. The balance of payments is, however,...

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