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Principles Of Drug Administration Essay

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To provide safe drug administration, the nurse should practice the “rights” of drug administration. They are:
1. The right client
2. The right drug
3. The right dose
4. The right time
5. The right route
Experience indicates that five additional rights are essential to professional nursing practice;
1. The right assessment
2. The right documentation
3. The client’s right to education
4. The right evaluation
5. The client’s right to refuse
The right client needs to be ensured by checking the wrist band, and by checking a second piece of identification. This could be a picture on the ...view middle of the document...

If any of these components are missing, the entire order is incomplete and the medication should not be given.

To avoid error, the nurse must check the bottle against the order for the medication three different times. 1) at the time of contact with bottle or container,2) before pouring the drug, 3) and after pouring the drug.
Drugs given for the first dose, one-time or PRN medication should always be checked against the original order.
Beware of medications that sound alike, and read the labels carefully.

For example, Percocet contains oxycodone and acetaminophen. Percodan contains oxycodone and aspirin. Percodan should not be given to someone who has an adverse reaction to aspirin.

Nursing implication includes the following:
1. Check that medication order is complete and legible
2. Know why the client is receiving the medication
3. Check the drug label three times before administration
4. Know the start date that the drug was ordered and the ending date

The following are the four categories of drug orders:
1. Standing orders
2. One-time (singe dose)
3. PRN
4. STAT (at once)

The right dose is the dose prescribed for a particular client. The nurse is responsible for questioning any dose that looks too high or too low. Always consult a peer or pharmacist if the dosage appears incorrect. Beware of pediatric doses that are based on body weight. Weights can change daily so regular assessment of dosages is crucial.

The nursing implications include the following:
1. Calculate the drug dose correctly. For some medications, two nurses are needed to sign off on a new order such a heparin and insulin.
2. Check the PDR, American hospital formulary, drug package insert, or other drug references for...

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