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Principles Of Ethics Essay

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The principles of doing “good” and not doing “harm” are the essence of every code of medical ethics. It is the duty of the medical doctors to their patients to exercise their professional skills in an ethical manner and to observe the laws of the community. The essential purpose is to ensure that patients’ trust in the medical
profession is deserved. This is achieved hy protecting patients and ensuring that they are able to obtain the maximum benefits available from medicine. At the same time, medical ethics aim to protect patients from the abuse that can occur when one person is in a position of power (in this case, based on superior medical knowledge and, often, status) vis-a-vis another. ...view middle of the document...

These are:
• Autonomy
The right of patients to make decisions on their own behalf.
• Beneficence
The duty or obligation to act in the best interests of the patient.
• Non-maleficence
The duty or obligation to avoid harm to the patient.
• Justice
This embodies concepts of fairness and giving what is rightfully due. It applies not only to the individual but also in the wider medical context and it incorporates notions of equity and fair distribution. This is important when medical services are distributed, as they usually are, in an environment of limited resources. In forensic medicine, justice is the goal that is being pursued.
While concern for safeguarding patients’ privacy, as manifest by the duty to maintain confidentiality, can be derived from the first two principles above, some have regarded the concern as so important as to list “privacy” as a fifth principle.
The ethical standards of those working in medical laboratories and forensic medical institutions are derived from...

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