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Principles Of Organisation Behavior Essay

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As we know Samsung is one of the most wide spread and well known companies in the world. With its destination and wide range of production segments Samsung is establishing its ownership globally. But in other hand, macro-economical factors such as pressure from competitors, innovations of new type of technologies, customers demand and many others is tackling Samsung company to survive in the turbulence. Managers and marketers of Samsung have successfully been doing their job to promote the business. They used unique techniques to survive and to lead their brand forward, such as Samsung created lots of production segments (smart phones, Tablets, TVs, household equipments and so on) they ...view middle of the document...

Thus improving all drawbacks could help to enhance the quality of products.
5. To establish its leadership in global market the company should concentrate on quality and pricing structure. It is clear and proved strategy of business. By improving quality and decreasing price it is easy to attract customers and conquer market.
6. Be in constant touch with customer by means of advertising, press releases and let them be aquatinted about product specifications and changes if there are any. Customers may wish to get full information about particular product, moreover, they may wish to recommend new characteristics of goods. It is essential part of success in business.

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