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Principles Of Programming Essay

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1. What is the difference between machine language and assembly language?

Machine language is the computer programming language that can be used for direct programming of the machine whereas Assembly languages are used to create a program on computer and then assembler is user to convert the program into binary code of machine level code.

2. Why are there so many programming languages?
Evolution: Computer science is a young discipline; we’re constantly finding better ways to do
things. The late 1960s and early 1970s saw a revolution in “structured programming,” in which
the go to-based control flow of languages like Fortran, Cobol, and Basic2 gave way to while
loops, case ...view middle of the document...

3.What makes a programming language successful?
a)Ability to leverage existing libraries in the new language.
b)Language design and syntax to allow increased productivity.
c)A community of dedicated users who also are willing to teach newcomers on the benefits of a language

4.What distinguishes declarative languages from imperative languages?
With imperative programming, you tell the compiler what you want to happen, step by step whereas
With declarative programming, on the other hand, you write code that describes what you want, but not necessarily how to get it (declare your desired results, but not the step-by-step)

5.Explain the distinction between interpretation and compilation. What are the comparative
advantages and disadvantages of the two approaches?
In interpretation, the interpreter reads statements in that language more or less one at a time, executing
them as it goes along whereas in compilation, The compiler translates the high-level source program into an equivalent target program (typically in machine language) and then goes away.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Interpreted Languages
* easy to learn and use
* minimum programming knowledge or experience
* allows complex tasks to be performed in relatively few steps
* allows simple creation and editing in a variety of text editors
* allows the addition of dynamic and interactive activities to web pages
* edit and running of code is fast.
* usually run quite slowly
* limited access to low level and speed optimization code.
* limited commands to run detailed operations on graphics.
6.Explain the distinction between decisions that are bound statically and those that are bound
Binding refers to the association of names in program text to the storage locations to which they refer. In static binding, this association is predetermined at build time. With dynamic binding, this association is not determined...

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