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Prison Break Essay

733 words - 3 pages

The escape from prison
Rough draft
*lying on his bunk bed, thinking where everything went wrong, trapped for the wrong reason.
*his friend going to lay out his plan to escape today
*danger of death
*few tools required
*on the day of Eid
*Help from one of the guards
*on his way in the sewers
*out in the open, living a worthless life.
Fair draft
It was two in the afternoon as Asad came face to face with his cracked watch. He lied there thinking how Allah could have let him end up in this hell like place.
Asad was caught in the Jinnah international air port for carrying drugs. He knows that the box with a pound of L.S.D. was not his, but who was to believe him when the box was in his backpack .He was jailed for 15 years.
The buzzer went off; this was part of Asad’s daily routine, when he dragged his body out to the yard where he met Hamza.
When Asad saw Hamza far ...view middle of the document...

Hamza continued and told Asad that he had paid one of the guards to let him sleep in Asad’s cell the night before Eid. Hamza believed that there were less guards than. Asad still had mixed feelings.72 hours till the escape.
Every night, when no one would hear the sound of him carving away on that hollow wall, he used to work toward his escape, and when his digging for the night was done he used to place the sink back to its place.
When Hamza came to sleep over his place, Asad knew it was now or never.
They pretended to be asleep till 2 O’clock in the morning and then Hamza got up to wake Asad , when he touched him , he found out he was already awake and perhaps had not sleep at all, they slowly removed the sink and felt the sides of the hole. Both of them looked at it each other and knew that this is it, Hamza gave Asad a nod meaning that he would go first .Hamza crammed him in and then it was Asad’s turn and before he went in he gave one last look at the cell and it almost felt as if he would miss it. Then he went in, but his heart skipped a beat when his arm hit the sink which was leaning on the wall and it came down like the empire state building and shattered. He hurried in and could hear the guards, once down, he just ran in the direction in which he thought he heard the voice of hazes footsteps, gasping to breath. Barely looking back. He felt as if someone would grab him from behind and slam him on his back, but he turned white when he heard a gun go off not too far away, he stopped and searched himself for any wounds and then he ran again.
3 weeks after the escape, Asad found himself working somewhere far off, sorting eggs in a poultry farm. He looks up to the sky as if he wanted to question the creator. This was the furthest place he could think of where he could stay away from the police. The pay was like small potatoes and he used to sleep with the chickens, too scared to head back home where police expected him. And about Hamza? , the news said one escaped and the other was shot dead.

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