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Kim Jong Un is systematically trying to eliminate every person who disagrees with him publically. Anyone who commits an illegal crime or gets exposed by gossiping or disagrees with him politically will be confined to these horrendous prison camps. Over one-hundred thousand people were imprisoned in labor camps and about forty thousand have died due to starvation,disease and execution. These camps oppress, degrade and violate innocent people for as long as they live. Prison camps in North Korea are considered the most gruesome throughout the world. Many people are ignorant of these conditions in North Korea, but are defenseless and intolerant towards this dilemma. Prison conditions in North ...view middle of the document...

As of today around twenty through twenty-five percent of inmates die every year. This predicament has gone to far and may not be alleviated. In correspondence to over eight-hundered prison camps are composed in the U.S are fully operatonal and ready to recive prisoners,and about one thousand internment death camps are operating as well. Exasperations like these are distributed all over the world and many are unaware.

As of now the Committee of Human Rights in North Korea are fully aware of this this problem and are trying change this predicament. The first UN commision of Inquiry have researched North Korea’s human darkness and realized that innocent lives have “mysteriously” disappeared. In reference to the, in 2005 a prisoner who escaped works with Liberty a human rights group to expose these atrocities. Shin Dong Hyuk was born inside camp fourteen and endured torture sadistic guards for twenty-three years,and finally escaped and tells his story of his experience throughout the world. For instance he states in video “ I’m here outside the camp, but what i'm doing daily is talk about the situation in the camp, i’m still in the camp in my head”. ( Reuters)

Several committees and organizations are attempting to discontinue this issue but not much can be done. North Korea has been communist for a numerous amount of years and not much details are leaked to the world outside North Korea. Kim...

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