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Prison Inmates Should Be Allowed To Take College Courses

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Professor Cato
English 1101
18 September 11
Prison Inmates Should Be Allowed To Take College Courses
Prison inmates should be allowed to take college course because having an education helps reform the inmate into a useful member of society. Education is useful in helping the inmate acquire the life skills necessary to make a life change for the better. Studies have shown that inmates who participate in educational programs were less likely to recidivate once released back into to society than those who did not participate. Allowing prisoners to take college courses restructures the way inmates think and benefits society as a whole by helping inmates adapt once released, providing job ...view middle of the document...

Providing these basic skills give the inmate a better shot at success as these basic educational skills are necessary for job success. By gaining these basic skills, inmates are able to search for jobs, read job descriptions, and fill out job applications. Having these basic skills even makes it possible for expanded or advanced vocational job training for the inmate which can lead to higher paying job opportunities. Arming inmates with the tools for job success
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prior to release, helps ensure inmates will become a useful member of society and aids in the inmate’s rehabilitation.
Having the life skills needed to obtain work and make better life choices makes it easier for the inmate to be rehabilitated. Education provides an inmate with the opportunity to change the way they think and helps adjust their personal behavior, attitudes, and values in order to reduce the likelihood of recidivism. By controlling an inmate’s attitude and anti-social behavior an inmate can be rehabilitated. Simply put, by...

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