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Prison Health Care Agency Paper
Health care is a huge topic however it may be looked at, but looking at health care from the point of view of a person in prison, brings up a whole new view. People who are in prison have many state and federal laws which says that all prisons must provide medical facilities for all inmates’ health care needs. In this paper, will identify one governmental agency that regulates healthcare that is provided in prisons, jails, and juvenile confinement facilities in the United States, as well as the foundation of the agency, and who actually regulates the licenses, certifications, accreditations, and also authorizations for the employees who work in these ...view middle of the document...

Also the most important resource amongst the federal bureau of prisons is the employees. There are over 38,500 employees in the agency which provide security of all the federal prisons, they also provide the inmates with all the needed programs as well as services, and they also provide model mainstream values to each inmate. All of the BOP’s employees are there to meet all of the agencies obligations which is to protect the public’s safety and also provide security and safety to all of the employees as well as the inmates amongst the facility (BOP, 2014).
Many of the challenges today that affect the federal bureau of prisons are related to the agency’s growth. The year that the BOP was created in 1930 was when the company had 14 facilities which provided care for over 10,000 prisoners, as the years went by 1940 the agency grew to 24 facilities with well over 24,300 prisoners (U.S. Department of Justice, 2014), with so many prisoners in the agency security was a major concern. The agency ensures security with a combination of many direct employee supervision, security technologies, physical features and also classifications of each inmate which is based off of risk factors. The agency operates each of their facilities with four security levels which include minimum, low, high and medium, this is to meet all of the various security needs of its major assorted inmate populations. BOP also has an administrative facility, which has specialized missions and also have each of the security levels put into place for various security reasons. Security measures are also put into place for the perimeter of the facilities this includes things such as the fences, towers and also patrol officers, staffing levels, controls which monitor all of the inmate’s movement and also keeps all in account for, as well as the living quarters of the inmates such as the cells (U.S. Justice Department, 2014)....

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