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Prison Rape Essay

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Will Prison Rape Ever End?

Rape and Sexual Assault

Prison rape has been an issue that inmates have been dealing with for some time now. The guards do not take them serious when they claim that they’ve been raped, they put in for transfers and request to be placed in isolation but they are denied time after time. Some inmates even go as far as committing suicide just to avoid being raped repeatedly by other inmates and, sometimes, guards. There has to be something that can be done to help avoid situations like these. Although, it may take some time, money, and people that actually care and listen to the inmates, prison rape can decrease.
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In one case, a guard got a female inmate pregnant so he had two other inmates kick and beat her until she miscarried (Hess). In cases like these, where the guards are doing the rapes, unless the inmate has proof, the guard will, more than likely, always win. It’s a person that has been convicted of a crime against an officer that is suppose to uphold the laws word. It’s not right or fair but that’s how it is in most cases.
Placing more cameras in a prison would be a good way to cut down on rape as well. If an inmate knows a camera is watching then they would, hopefully, be less likely to assault someone. But which would be better, letting the inmates know where the cameras are placed or hiding them so that they are unaware of them? It’s a catch twenty-two because if the inmate knows the location of the camera they will try and avoid it so that they don’t get caught in the act. However, if they don’t know then they will feel like the person that they assaulted ratted them out and they could possibly come after that person later on. With cameras in prisons you could also catch guards and prison employees doing things they shouldn’t, too. That way you would know who should really be working there and who is just there for the fun and games.
Having more people to report rapes and assaults to would be a good way of cutting back on the rapes as well. Many times in prison, and jail, inmates can only confide in the staff or guards as to what is happening with them. But what if the rape is coming from one of the staff or guards? Who does the inmate turn to to report it? Giving the inmate more people to go to when these type of things happen could scare...

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