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Prisoners Of War Chapter 25

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Mike peered through the window of his car, using his hands to cover his eyes from the sun. He sighed seeing his bag was still there, and fumbling with his keys quickly got in and drove away.He pushed the bag down off of the seat in an attempt to hide it, since the streets were so crowded, and as he stopped at a red light suddenly felt his pills taking effect. The pleasant numbness he had felt this past week returned as any paranoia about the drugs sitting next to him disappeared and a goofy grin spread across his face.He could have sat there all day, but the sound of a blaring horn shook him from his trance as the light turned green, and trying to gather his composure, he slowly turned the ...view middle of the document...

Eventually the phone stopped ringing, which allowed his eyelids to droop back down and him to reenter his near comatose state. He was waked by a knock on his window, and turned his head blinking through the fuzziness he saw could see a woman standing there with a concerned look on her face.He must have fallen asleep, and glancing at the clock could see it was now a little after 4. He sighed and groaned as he could now feel the pain in his back, and then rolled down his window, suddenly aware of the mass amounts of drugs sitting next to him. "Yes?"She looked at him oddly. "Are you ok?"He nodded. "Yes thank you." He gave her a weak smile, and slowly pulled out heading back to his parent's house.He glanced nervously into his mirror to see the woman now looking angry get back into her car, and as quick as he could got out of her sight. His thoughts plagued him as he sluggishly drove, wondering if his parents would even let him in the house, or if he would come home to changed locks or even worse police, if they had found his stash.He suddenly felt himself craving his Percocet, even though he knew he wasn't supposed to take another for another hour or two. He sighed pulling up in front of the house, and sighed not seeing either of his parent's car in or around the driveway.He quietly got out, taking the backpack, and walked to the house, peering through the window. All the lights were off, so he guessed-and hoped-that they weren't home. He opened the door, still half expecting his keys not to work, and quietly closed it and made his way to his room.He let out a sigh as he entered, seeing a bunch of bags fully packed on the floor. He peered in a few of the to see it was all his stuff, and looking through the closet and dresser could see that his parents had packed up all his stuff, so he knew he would have to go.Almost as if of instinct, he reached into his pocket and pulled out his prescription bottle, popping two in his mouth, and jogging quickly next door to the bathroom took some water from the sink and swallowed them without a second thought. He went back into his room and searched in the wall behind his bed for his stash, and thankfully found it, a small bag filled with powder, pot and cash.He only hoped he had enough to rent a place as he took out a small bag of weed and reaching back into the hole in the wall pulled out some papers, getting comfortable on the bed and beginning to roll a joint. He glanced at his clock and let out a chuckle to see 4:19, then lit up as changed to 4:20.He jumped as his cell phone rang, and sighing he searched around in his backpack for it. "Hello?""Mike." It was Lance. Mike sighed rubbing his head and taking another pull."Hey Lance." He said while exhaling."You're smoking? Didn't you just get out?" Lance said laughing."Yea..." Mike lied. "And it's been awhile since I've had some, whats it to you?" He pulled again."Easy man. I need to see you."Mike sighed looking at the bags. "I'm not sure it's a good time right now...

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