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Drugs should be legalized. This is the only necessary social reform that has a chance of coming about someday, because there's money in it. Government-controlled drug production would also make drugs safer, bring the cost of drugs way down, break the back of the illegal drug industry, and cut violent crime in half. Money now spent on drug wars could be used to set up drug education and rehabilitation programs to help people deal with drug abuse.Prisons should be phased out, except some for the most unresponsive, dangerous criminals. In fact, the only good reason to have prisons at all is to protect society from dangerous criminals. Funny thing is, the vast majority of prisoners aren't ...view middle of the document...

Prisoners who have earned the community's trust should be allowed regular access to the outside world, especially to seek employment. This will prepare the inmate for living successfully on the outside. Prisons should be co-ed, because same-sex environments are unnatural and unhealthy. Enforced sexual deprivation has negative consequences, and the presence of women would have a civilizing influence on men and reduce violence within prisons. Because there are many more male than female prisoners, wives and girlfriends should be allowed regular, private access to their imprisoned mates. After all, how can we expect rapists, wife-beaters, and other misogynists to learn to relate to women if they never see any? You might think that my reformed prison sounds like a wonderful place to live, and that everybody would start committing crimes just so they can go there. In a way, you're right. That's why prison reform won't work until the society as a whole has been reformed. You can't have a jail that's better than the world around it. (Nowadays, people sometimes go to jail on purpose, because they're in such a desperate situation that giving up all their rights and freedoms is a worthwhile trade-off for some security and three...

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