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Prisons In America Essay

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Prisons in America
By Jesse Pinzon

D.F.Jochims ENC 1101-30067 July 22, 2013 Research Paper

Pinzon 1 Jesse A. Pinzon D.F.Jochims ENC 1101-30067 July 22, 2013 Prisons in America The development of the prisons in America has had and continues to have a huge impact on the American country. These prisons continue to expand and develop as time goes on. The American country adapts in ways that are not only beneficial but also in ways that are unfortunate as these prisons continue to develop. The expenses to run and maintain good upkeep for these prison facilities grow substantially as years pass. The main purpose for these prisons is to keep dangerous criminals off the street to provide ...view middle of the document...

New flexible-time sentences, for example, four to seven year prison sentences showed that reform was an adjustable method, and could be finished sooner or later depending on the specific prisoner (Sperry par.4). The 20th century was characterized by two additional influences of reform. In the 1930s, rural establishments such as San Quentin and Sing-sing saw a huge rise in the size of different facilities, leading to the nickname “Big House”. A key component of these “better prisons” was architecture (Sperry par.5). Efforts to offer more daylight and a less cruel atmosphere were some other major components. In the 1950s, current public scientists took up the treatment of inmates, by providing these prisoners sociologists, counselors, and added new constructions to make more civilized atmospheres. To explain the governments now managing prisons, the beginning of modernism started by switching to the word "Corrections" (Sperry par.5). Prison riots became more mutual and the regularity of prisoner cruelty led to a vocal prisoners' rights movement, despite of the milder “Corrections” approach of the '50s and '60s (Sperry par.5). In the 1970s, judges became more sympathetic to claims of prisoners' privileges, and they started to command important improvements in many situations for prisoners. New justice standards, however, crossed with the new offenses, penalizing laws, and prison population outburst of the "War on Drugs." Funds for rehabilitation instead went to drug Law enforcement. New prison production plans to shrink

Pinzon 3 overcrowding and increase the odds of rehabilitation hardly were complete before they were full to capacity with drug offenders. From the 1980s on, prisons have been made in isolated locations and full of severe conditions. Super-maximum security prisons is the peak of "post-modern" prisons, normally found in a secluded area, planned for housing large amounts of prisoners for extended terms with no positivity about their conduct in prison or afterwards. These prisons are already creating several privileges of human rights abuses and other difficulties (Sperry par.6). Keeping a prison functioning normally is expensive. For the frequent inmates punished for offenses of provisions of survival, the providing of food and accommodation to meet these necessities outside of prisons would be far more profitable than serving and caging them as prisoners. Also, prisons produce a class of individuals that need more help in need of further help from society upon discharge. In the long run, this drives up the community costs of prison more by not reporting the requirement to form services and funds for independence between the communities that need it the most. Surprisingly, a small fraction of people are happy with expensive prisons. Prison guard employees are infamous for pushing for rougher punishing rules, different prison plans, and greater salaries, which generates an unsafe encouraging feedback as each prison...

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