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Privacy Concerns In Information Computer Technology

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Information Computer Technology has already played an important role in people’s daily lives. It is widely used in information gathering, communication and mutual operation. Modern people have been benefited from more efficient information flow, less cost and faster communication. However, every coin has both sides. ICT also has brought people’s lives some concerning issues at the same time along with advantages.

One of the concerning issues is the personal privacy. In internet age, privacy, as defined by Alan Westin in Privacy and Freedom (1970) is “The claim of individuals, groups or institutions to determine for themselves when, how and to what extent information about them is ...view middle of the document...

And the same kind of thing also happened for credit card companies. They produced extensive models of users’ buying habit by using records of consumers’ purchases and sold models to other commercial companies.

Secondly, email is becoming an essential tool of communication nowadays but it is not a secure way to protect privacy. On the way emails travel from host computers to their destination, they pass through several relaying hosts. Administrators of these hosts can easily access to mails. In a local network like a company’s intranet, network administrators have chances to change users’ passwords in order to read and modify messages. They also have possibilities to monitor and read any files send over the network. It is often the case in a company’s office that the boss try to monitor staffs’ activities.

In addition, it is inevitable now for people to provide some very private information to organizations. Despite the fact that online services such as hotel booking, flight tickets booking and internet banking have already made people’s lives more convenient, individual’s privacy is posed threats meanwhile. Personal information, passwords and pin numbers can be obtained via hacking or the use of software such as keystroke loggers on publicly used computers. Moreover, In order to improve the performance of services and information delivery to citizens, governments now operate more via ICT which requires authentication of a person’s identity. For example, demanded by United Kingdom, individual’s finger printers have to be scanned and stored in system and used in border check before coming. The issue is that those significant data’s should be protected by governments to ensure no one other than the owner can use the information.

Another popular use of ICT is GPS and RFID technology. However, surveillance concern has been raised consequently. GPS allows tracking of people’s movements by mobile signals. And RFID enables companies to track customers’ purchases and profile their behaviours and preferences in a use of commercial purpose.
Lastly, internet media’s are booming these years. Youtube offers people a platform to share films and images and broadcast themselves. But some images and films of people in private situation are uploaded online without permission. Furthermore, the images and films of individuals on websites like Facebook are easily to be downloaded and used by others. These certainly infringe others’...

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