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Question 1
Part A
The German people are extremely private by nature. They do not like publicizing their lives, which is why social networking facilities like blogs, etc. have not caught as much attention in Germany as they have in other countries. Thus, they considered Google Street View as an intrusion into their personal lives, since it could record anything that was happening on a particular road. It caused quite a fuss in Germany and people took up the issue with the court. In a monumental decision in 2010, the Berlin Supreme Court ruled that Street View was legal. People also came up with a term “Verpixelungsrecht”, which means the right to be pixelated. The people asked Google to ...view middle of the document...

The major argument against Google Street View is that while the roads are public, people do not like to be filmed while they go about their everyday lives. A misuse of this technology might also lead to safety risks as criminals and miscreants might know the residences of particular persons and may target them. A severe breach of privacy could be if the cameras were actually used to zoom in on people inside their homes. Unless such concerns arise, this technology is legal and also very useful for people across the world.
Part C
Devices like Google Glass can cause a serious breach of privacy in certain scenarios. In public areas like parks and streets, the breach of privacy is not very high, because all our actions in such places are already public as everyone can see them. The only serious breach would be if personal conversations or individual photos were deliberately recorded or filmed. But, in other cases, where we do mind being recorded without permission, these devices can be very intrusive.
Gary Marshall says in his article on, that “privacy is like having curtains: you don't have curtains because you're doing something dodgy, but because you don't want strangers staring at you while you're trying to eat your dinner.” People of most cultures would consider it an intrusion of privacy if we were to film them eating dinner, since they know that the video will be stored on Google cloud storage and...

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