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Private Vs State Essay

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Private schools better than state schools
In this essay whether private schools are better than state schools will be discussed. Over 80% of parents want their children to go to private schools! But why? Parents always think of private schools being tremendous places for children to be educated but are they right? Have people ever though about the problems caused by sending pupils to private schools?
Firstly when we say Private schools what do we mean? Is it a school where more care and attention are given to pupils and pupils always receive good grades or doesn’t really mean something else? The true meaning of private school is: a school funded by the parents and not by the ...view middle of the document...

Private schools have many advantages compared to a state school for example: in state school the number of pupils is around 30-40 where as in most private schools the number of pupils is quite low. In my school the number of pupils in my class is 7 so therefore each one of us get more attention and are given more help. It also makes it easier for us to be able to learn as the teacher can concentrate on each individual well and the teachers will know when the pupils are struggling. Furthermore we get on well because there is no room for hate in a class of 7 so everyone is happy there are hardly any problems in our class. In addition to that everyone in our class is equal in wealth so no one gets bullied in our school. Whereas in state school due to the fact that there are around 4o pupils the teachers won’t be able concentrate on each individual well and the teachers will not know when the pupils are struggling. Furthermore not everyone will receive the attention and help needed. Another problem found in state schools is that due to fact some people might be rich where as some might be not as rich so bullying is common in those schools.
Another advantage about private is that private schools give pupils more facilities as well as more opportunities. For example every year in Haberdasher Girls school girls are given a chance to go to different countries and explore different cultures where as in a state school called Hatched High school, my friend told me that they have never been abroad and that they only go on a school trips once a year so this proves that private school children get more trips than state school children. In addition to that in private schools they have a least 6 science labs where as in my previous state school we only had 2 labs so once when there was a GCSE exam happening in both labs the lesson had to take place in a classroom where there were no facilities. As well as that Private schools have highly techniqual computers as well as modern equipment, ever year in my private school new science equipments are bought we use more advanced computers than the ones used in State schools so therefore we gain more knowledge about the modern world as well as getting a chance to use new, techniqual equipment.60% of pupils going to top universities like Oxford and Cambridge are private school children so Private schools pupils get more opportunities to go to good universities than state school children. If pupils are able to go to good universities then that will regard them in receiving good jobs so they will have a better life that others. In addition to that private schools pupils are given more subjects to choose from, in a Private school the pupils have 40 subjects to choose from where as in a state school the maximum subject choice is around 15 so therefore the private school pupils will have a better choice and have a wide range of knowledge on each subject furthermore for GCSE the maximum subjects needed is 9 so for state...

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