Pro And Contrast Living In On Campus Or Off Campus

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    When enter colleges, college students will face many new problems or decisions, which they have to make. Among which there is a choice for them at first place, that is, he or she has to decide whether to live on campus or live outside of campus. Actually, both of the two choices have their own advantages and disadvantages. So, different people may have different opinions. For example, they will think about the cost, location, how to make friends easily and be specific.   Sometimes, it is very hard for the students to tell which one is better and which one is worse because the two choices share a lot of similarities. However, through this analysis, they may find out which one they prefer.

    First of all, let’s see the advantages of living on campus. First and foremost, living on campus is more convenient than living outside ...view middle of the document...

Traffic can also be an issue if you live in a crowded area.

The second advantage of living on campus is can allow you to meet more people and establish more friendships than if you live off-campus. Living in a dorm means that there will always be someone around to hang out with. You will also usually be aware of any campus activities and how to be involved in them. Besides, if you live on-campus, you don't have to worry about monthly rent payments, utility bills, and grocery shopping while often, off-campus, housing is more expensive than on-campus housing. Utilities and cable can be an added monthly expense, and you may have to pay for your own Internet access.

However, at the same time, off- campus also have its own advantages which can more than likely have your own bedroom so you can have a place to sneak off and have time alone away from your roommates. The extra space also means that you can probably find a quiet place to study in the convenience of your own home instead if living on-campus, , it can be very hard to find privacy. You have to share bedrooms and bathrooms. The close living quarters mean that you may never have quiet time in your dorm because there will always be something going on.

Next, if you live off-campus you will not have to follow as many rules if you live off-campus. Residence halls have several rules that students must abide by when living on-campus. Living off-campus will give you freedom from those rules and allow you to set your own while on-campus Living on campus, there are rules and regulations that I would need to abide by such as curfew and limitations on guests. There is a resident advisor on the hall to ensure the rules and regulations are being met.

In conclusion, there are advantages in both living on campus and living off campus. But in my opinion, I really want to living in my own apartment. Because I can live more freedom, earn jobs to spend more and obtain work skills, concentrate on studying better and eat the meals I like.

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