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Pro Gay Marriage Rights Essay

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The exploration for gay marriages has been severe over time that it can only be liken to the movements that fought for civil right for the Americans long before the law stood in. It is sudden that in the quest for equal marriage rights, the gay rights activists happen to be few as they work their way out to the constitution. But their struggle is being supported by the public and bearing in mind that the political shift is also working to their advantage (Newton, 69-70). Despite the tireless effort of the equal rights activists, their opponents already happen to have support of the constitution and the big question remains to, when this will actually happen. This paper will be endeavoring ...view middle of the document...

This is common to the two types of marriages and especially when two people of different sex marry and they cannot be able to procreate through the normal ways, they can then opt for the ways that we have mentioned above (Eskridge, William, and Darren, 56-57). This thus becomes a motivating factor for the same sex marriage activists who claim that, they can also be able to adopt children, love them and even led the very children to prosper more than any other heterosexual union can do. This, therefore, calls for the privacy act to give room for the same sex marriages.
This issue has attracted a lot of public opinion and to worsen it, it has also called for political views on the same subject. Some former American presidents have lifted their voices in support for the same rights of gay while countering the opinion that marriage should be between a man and a woman (Eskridge, William, and Darren, 96-97). In the recent past, president Obama of the United States of America has openly announced his stand on the issue and given an ok to the same sex marriage. This proclamation made president Obama the first President to openly support the gay marriages saying that they have equal rights with their opponents (Sullivan, 119-120. He has always promised to support them by all means, this is even seen when he was campaigning for his senatorial post when he promised the gay that he will support them come what may. He claims that it is against the rights of the same sex marriage to constitutionally deny them the right to enjoy their union.
Apart from the many politicians who have continuously denied the gay people their rights, several organizations have seriously campaigned against this type of union including religious organizations that talk about such a kind of union being redefinition of the real marriage and something that cannot work and the family research council that has been on the fore front to fight against this kind of union (Sullivan, 121-123). This very organization has always been on the move to bare all possible tendencies to legalize this union. The national organization of marriage has also gone to the extent of using its website to ensure that the mind of people shift from gay to the heterosexual marriages. On the other hand, the same se marriage rights activists have also labored tirelessly to ensure that their way is granted when they say that the homosexual also fall in love and as a result (Newton, 69-70). They are supposed to be given a chance to marry in order to climax their love.
The fight for the rights of the same sex marriages has in many times been likened to the African American fought for the civil rights; this is because they were a minority and they wanted their way granted. However, this was a reasonable case altogether since nature had made this group of people what they were unlike that same sex demands that they claim to be natural (Eskridge, William, and Darren, 66-67). Several groups including the...

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