Probation Conditions Essay

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Determining Conditions of Probation
June 18, 2009

Conditions of parole and probation have contributing factors that affect an offender’s post-prison life. The background of the offender is very important when determining conditions of probation and parole. The history of offenses committed by the offender is extremely important. Conditions of parole and probation consist of drug/alcohol treatment, psychiatric evaluation/treatment, anger management treatment, family counseling, job training, housing assistance, and intensive supervision. The conditions recommended help the offender turn his or her life around permanently. In some cases that does not happen ...view middle of the document...

  Gary had a job, but abused drugs and alcohol and suffered from mental illness.  Gary also dealt with anger management issues after having many bouts of angry outbursts.  Just think about his background, Gary may have felt lost in the household since there were four other siblings.  I don't remember if it stated if Gary was the oldest, youngest, or middle child.  Nevertheless, Gary was not getting any attention and in my opinion, he started drinking and abusing drugs.  I was led to believe that his parent (s) were not attentive given that he dropped out of high school.  I recommended drug/alcohol treatment, psychiatric treatment, anger management treatment, and intensive supervision.  All of my recommendations were good, but Gary continued on a downward spiral.
This is not Kenneth’s first arrest rodeo for a control substance. This is his second arrest with a controlled substance. He also tested positive for marijuana, methamphetamine and cocaine when he was arrested this time; therefore, I am sending him to a drug and alcohol treatment program. Kenneth is currently unemployed and needs to attend job training and employment assistance. He is currently living out of his car so he also needs housing assistance as well.
Kenneth is doing great and has been making good progress in the last sixty days. He has been attending regular NA meetings and has been clean on all his random drug tests so far. Right now he is doing fabulous. Let’s hope he stays on the high road.
Case File #1: Stanley Gravas
Most of the team chose the exact same conditions for Stanley Gravas in case one. However, one team member chose psychiatric treatment which really did not fit well with Stanley since he was more depressed than psychotic.
All of the team members agreed that Stanley suffered a tremendous loss and that having to bury your child six feet under the ground is one of the most traumatic experiences anyone has to go through. If one does not seek grief counseling after their loss their life can easily spiral out of control, which sounds like what happened to Stanley. Losing a son or daughter does not give someone an excuse to drink and drive.
We all decided to send Stanley to drug and alcohol treatment since this is his second DWI in the last three years. He has an obvious drinking problem that needs to be addressed and handled accordingly. We also decided to add family counseling into his treatment plan. This way he can deal with his grief through counseling and get the help that he needs to help him heal through this incredible loss.
Stanley is doing unbelievably outstanding. He has been attending regular AA meetings and family counseling with his wife and children. He has been sober for more than sixty days.
Case File #2: Gary Harrison
All of the team members agreed on the parole conditions for Gary Harrison in case two. Gary has a history of drug and alcohol abuse. He has been attending AA...

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