Probation Supervision: Case Management & Effectivness

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In the state of Florida in the year of 2008- 2009 there was a total of 100, 619 offenders who were admitted onto probation and 64.2% of them were released off of probation being successful. Probation supervision is provided to adults offenders who have been sentenced to some type of supervision. While on this supervision the probation officer is to refer the offender to community resources for things they need help with such as a job, some kind of treatment, maybe even drug test for supervise substance abuse, or even using an electronic monitor to know the offenders location. The probation officer is to report things that may go against what the offender is to do, such as failing a drug ...view middle of the document...

The criteria to be eligible for this program is it must be a misdemeanor or felony of the third degree. Under this type of probation the offender has to participate in any appropriate program that the probation officer determines appropriate for that person. The types of programs that probation uses would be things like counseling, education, and any medical and psychological treatment. Another type of probation is court imposed and there is 4 different types of probation an offender can fall under probation, drug offender probation, sex offender probation, and community control. When an offender gets on court imposed probation this means they have been put on “community supervision under specified conditions for a specific period of time that cannot exceed the maximum sentence for the offense.”(DOC) “The two main things that probation does is to allow the offender to go home and still help support his family and give back to the community for his offense.”(Goodsen) While the offender is on probation for any type he has specific conditions that they must follow in order to successfully complete probation. The basic of these conditions is to pay court fees, report in to a probation officer every month, go to any court hearing that they must attend, and attend and pay for any kind of counseling that the probation officer has felt was best for the offender. If the offender fails to do these things then consequences do come of them and it is to be sanctioned and have to go to jail for a certain amount of time and after 3 sanctions you are liable to have to go back to jail and serve the entire sentence of the charge that put the person onto probation. The 4 different types of probation are close to the same with just a few variations the community control would be different only in the aspect that you are on “house arrest” which means you have to be at your house at all times unless you are given permission to do other wise, whether it be a holiday or a weekend. The only reason an offender would not be at their home would be if they had to work, attend an assigned counseling or treatment, or if they are at a visit with their probation officer.
When an offender is put onto drug offender probation this would be a more concentrated supervision that tried to help the offender to be rehabilitated and off the drug. The offender will not only have to go to different counseling sessions with someone but they are to go to treatment providers who also work with the offender on the drug issue. The offender will be submitted to being randomly drug tested a few times weekly and with any failed urinalysis the offender will have to be sanctioned and it will count against them in their 3 they get while on probation. It is even possible at times for an offender to be considered for impatient or outpatient treatment depending on the background of the offender; such as if they have been in the court system more then once because of drug related issues. When a drug...

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