Problem Of Choice Essay

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Problem of choice
This month is the most amazing period of my whole life. Three of my close people have made me proposals. I am happy and embarrassed at the same time. I have never been so confused about which choice to make.
I have a little time to scrutinize the features of my admirers in order to make a right decision. Also, I can not play on their emotions lying about my feelings and delaying an answer. I have no willing to offend anybody pretending to be in love. So, I have to consider all advantages and disadvantages of each possible marriage carefully in order not to regret of the decision in my life.
I should take into account a large amount of characteristics which each candidate for my heart is notable for. I normally grasp the truth that no one can be ideal, so I am ready to accept little shortcomings which can be improved in the future. In my case I am going to choose eligible husband according to some important for me criteria. In my better half I am ...view middle of the document...

I t does not mean a great thing to me, because it is his temporary job. I know that I can entrust my life to his care, because he will do everything to provide family with all necessary things.
The most unpredictable proposal was made by my best friend. I remember how shocked I was and could not believe my ears when heard that he wanted me to become his wife. Our friendship is very important for me, because he has an ability to listen, give good advice and sometimes understands me better than anybody. However, I doubt about our possible conjugality. He is irresponsible person and lets me down at times. Examining his nature, I can state that he was born to be always free, so he is not able to carry family duties. I do not absolutely believe in his fidelity, because he is a womanizer. In addition, he is not trustworthy in financial matters. If he has some money, he throws them on girls and different kinds of amusement at once.
And the last candidate for a husband is my boss. He is very purposeful, responsible and serious person. He tends to live according to the plan which he has made when he was 17 years old. He aimed to succeed in life and nowadays it can be said for sure that his intentions are implemented. Only job and women are worthy of his full attention. I hardly imagine him as my future husband and father of my kids, because he can not be fully faithful. The reason of his inconstant attitude toward matrimony is the prejudice in his mind that he can do everything, because he made a great work to become who he is now. Also, he can not stop throwing money on women, because he feels glad when people are dependent on him. Though he earns a lot of money to assure a beautiful life for me, I can not stand spendthrifts who seek for attention.
I examine thoroughly all “pros” and “cons” of each marriage. I do not want to miss the opportunity to gain happiness in life. My boyfriend corresponds best of all to the requirements which my “ideal man” should fulfill. I believe his imperfections will disappear with the lapse of time. And for other women who face the problem of choosing a husband I would suggest to begin with identifying criteria which they define for themselves as vital things. In order to make a right choice it is important to consider not only advantages, but also disadvantages of each admirer.

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