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Problem Solution Paper

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Running head: PROBLEM SOLUTION: INTERSECT INVESTMENTS Problem Solution: Intersect Investments MBA520 University of Phoenix Problem Solution: Intersect Investments Situation Analysis Issue and Opportunity Identification Until now, Intersect Investments has been a formidable force in the Investment Services industry. Something has brought customers to decide that their accounts belong with other companies and not Intersect’s. One of those reasons is due to the salespeople and advisors. They have been pushing through calls quickly so that they can have time to call other potential customers, and existing ones, so they may quantify their sales as quick as possible. This has left ...view middle of the document...

Although the Sales Vice President, Lyn Chen, has received information about the new customer intimacy model, she is resisting making any changes in her department. This has brought the Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Janet Angelo, the decision to either make Lyn change, or have her leave the company. The vision is given by the CEO, and a resistance to comply may warrant a layoff. This can be an opportunity to teach Lyn why the change is important by displaying the fall in company standing within the industry, or ask her to resign. Stakeholder Perspectives/Ethical Dilemmas Intersect’s shareholders are getting a negative view of the company. The company has fallen to the 25th place in the industry, and the company’s account holders are leaving. Shareholders want to see profit and progress, and this is just not happening at Intersect at the present time. This has added an increase in pressure on Frank, thus increasing the pressure on the company’s managers. Frank owns the company, and his vision is given to the management to enforce throughout the company. In this case, a more caring salesperson can win the hearts and accounts of the customer. It can also help in gaining trust in Intersect from Wall Street’s investors. The intimate culture is a system that has worked with other companies, thus prompting him to push it throughout the company. Frank has already laid off the previous Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales because he did not support the CEO’s philosophy. It can possibly be repeated with Lyn Chen. Like the past Executive Vice President of Marketing and Sales, Lyn is very resistant to the CEO’s vision. She is creating enemies within the company, but possibly due to her misunderstanding of the new customer service model. A salesperson sees numbers, and when she sees how other companies have increased their numbers due to that customer intimacy model being applied, she may change her mind. Problem Statement Intersect Investments will become a force in the investment services industry through its caring advisors, and broad products and services. End-State Vision Through building intimate relationships with our customers Intersect Investments will grow to lead the financial industry. The company’s wide spectrum of products and services will continue to appease all customers. Alternative Solutions Analysis of Alternative Solutions A third solution is playing it tough and letting go of resistant employees. The plus side of this option is other employees will become intimidated and cease their resistance to the new vision. The negative side is that their intimidation will be uncomfortable and they will leave the company and search for a job elsewhere. This can mean an increase in employee turnover. It will appease Wall Street though through its show of savings in budget due to cuts in the workforce, but may leave some employees disgruntled and left to work inefficiently. Risk Assessment and...

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