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Problems With American Democracy Essay

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More than two-hundred years ago, thirteen young nations defeated a tyrant thousands of miles away. The prize for such a victory was self-government. For the first time in human history, a nation had handed over supreme executive power to the masses. Exercising this power has become a hallmark of being an American. Even today it is thought of as one of the most patriotic acts one can undertake. The thought of a nation run by popular vote is a comfortable enough idea, but in the case of the United States, a self-governed population threatens to destroy itself and possibly the world through wasteful spending, unregulated pursuit of profits, and a blotted military budget.
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Yet the United States has billion dollar industries built around the sale of this very substance. Does this not suggest a savage hypocrisy?
Another area the United States’ leadership is inadequate in is handling global climate change and reducing carbon emissions. Humans have been on the earth for about one-hundred-thousand years. For the majority of this time, change has been very slow. Only in the past five-hundred years or so has mankind seen exponential growth in population, technology and our ability to change the environment. Yet the current economical plan in most nations, including the United States, is business as usual, blindly pursuing profits without a thought for the consequences. Global warming is a fact. Irrefutable evidence exhibits that the Earth is getting warmer and that the cause is an increase in greenhouse gasses, mainly CO2, in our atmosphere. What are the politicians in Washington doing? Little to nothing. President Obama has promised 150 billion dollars over then next ten years to advance clean energy technology. This merely scratches the surface of the energy problem the human race is going to encounter in the next hundred years. As the wealthiest country on Earth, I believe that the United States should be willing to allocate vastly more of its resources in an attempt to solve this problem.
Perhaps the most disturbing product of our self-governed nation is our blotted military budget. President Obama has authorized over 663 billion dollars to be given to the department of defense in 2010. Wile this is a drop from 2008 and 2009, (mainly due to the United States’ decreased involvement in the middle east) it is still too much money to upkeep our military. I believe that massive cuts are needed to ensure the United States remains the world’s most powerful nation into perpetuity. The United States is a democracy and has no need for a large military. Moreover, the United States has kept a considerable portion of its cold war nuclear arsenal for seemingly no other reason than to scare the Russians and the Chinese into keeping...

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