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Procurement Management/ Rfp Essay

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Agency: REPP
(Rural Education Program Pakistan)
Subject: Request for proposal for Teacher’s Training of English Language in Southern Punjab.
Project Name: Improving Quality of education in backward areas.
Reference Number: 2083/ FEP/RFP/2013
Submission date
The proposal is to be submitted before 30th-May-2013, by 12:00 p.m. Pakistan time, as a hard copy, through TCS or OCS courier services. Proposals received after this time and date will not be entertained. The details for submission are given in the section of submission procedure, of this announcement.
REPP Rural Education Program Pakistan, grants funds to the organizations working in specific regions, for the ...view middle of the document...

FEP establishes in 2002, has the privilege to spread awareness about the importance of teaching and learning in the various regions of Pakistan. It successfully enabled, through the training programs, students to achieve betters posts in various organizations, due to their proficiency of the English language.
Pakistan has had the influence of British for long, subsequently the government declared English as the official language. This however only became a dilemma for the majority. In the government schools, being run in the rural and the urban areas do not have appropriate teachers. Most of the course books after matriculation haven’t even been translated to Urdu. This becomes a major reason a huge chunk to simply quit studying.
1.2 Objectives of the programme
Overall Objective:
The government schools are located all over the country, even in the remotest of areas. It is however clearly evident that in these schools, facilities are lacking and the administration are very weak. The teachers in the schools are ineligible as they lack the required knowledge. The overall objective in to train the teachers to make them capable of producing students from government schools, who are able to compete on national levels, on the basis of their knowledge.
Specific Objective:
In the rural population of southern Punjab, English language is hardly spoken or understood. This has made the population of this area backward. The purpose of this programme is to make these people able enough to understand, to be able to converse and write English language with minimum grammatical and pronunciation mistakes.
The direct beneficiaries are the government school teachers, whereas the indirect beneficiary will be the students of the government schools of these regions. By the end of the programme, 100 school teachers will be well trained in teaching English language. The will be teaching in various government schools at secondary level of education.
The students, who otherwise, quit further studies, due to their inefficiency to understand the books that are in English, will become capable to pursue their education. English language will not be barrier anymore.
The areas to be covered will be the four districts of southern Punjab, including, Rahim Yar khan, Bahawal Pur, Muzzaffar garh and Rajanpur.
1.3 Financial allocation by contracting authority
The total grant for the programme is Rs. 40,000,000. 1/4th of this will be allocated to each district.
Size of Grants:
Any grant requested under the Call for Proposal must fall between following:
* Minimum: Rs. 50,00,000
* Maximum: Rs. 1000,000
Any proposal not following this criterion will not be eligible.
2.1 Eligibility criteria
Only the organizations that are,
* Registered entities, as Non-governmental Non-Profit organizations,
* Have acquired NOC’s, particularly, of any of the above mentioned districts,
* Have work experience of working in the region for at-least 5 years.

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