Produce A Short Report Explaining The Potential Effects Of 5 Different Life Factors On The Development Of Individuals At Two Life Stages

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This report will discuss the potential effects 5 different life factors will have on the development on individuals from two different life stages.
 Genetic
 Biological
 Environmental
 Socioeconomic
 Lifestyle

Determinism is the belief that your future is fixed or determined, either by what you have genetically inherited or by your social environment and experience. The alternative to determinism is choice and interaction this is the belief that people can take control of their own lives through the choices they make. It is sometimes referred to as the ‘free will’ viewpoint.
Genetic factors and disorders.
Each cell in the body contains 23 pairs of chromosomes. One chromosome ...view middle of the document...

For example if the mother drinks during pregnancy then this would have a negative effect on the babies development and could cause it to have foetal alcohol syndrome. A child born with foetal alcohol syndrome can be smaller; they could also have learning disabilities and heart defects.
German measles infection (rubella) causes birth defects if women are infected during the first few months of pregnancy. It can also pass through a pregnant woman's bloodstream to infect her unborn child causing birth defects; blindness, deafness, heart defects and mental retardation. It's a generally mild disease in children; the primary medical danger of rubella is the infection of pregnant women because it can cause congenital rubella syndrome in developing babies.
Many things in the environment can affect our health. Hazardous substances found in the air, soil and water can originate from a variety of sources, such as agricultural and industrial activities, mining operations, landfills and leaky underground storage tanks. There are also three types of problems that can also affect this. These include; social problems, discipline problems and educational problems.
There may also be family dysfunction in the house you live in which may cause conflict in what you are doing. These dysfunctions maybe your parents splitting up or arguing all the time, may also be because your parents are over protective so if one parent says no you would go to the other one and if they say yes this would cause conflict with each other. Your parents may be physically or mentally ill this means they may need looking after which causes you not to go out as much or become behind in school work.

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