Product Branding Essay

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MMGP: Product Branding
Bruce Mays
Liberty University
BUSI 520
Dr. Kendrick Brunson
November 24, 2014

Brand Elements
The brand elements that would be most useful for differentiating the product of Tyson Foods from their competition are memorable, meaningful and transferable brand elements. Utilizing the brand elements of memorable and meaningful will build the brand of Tyson Foods. This brand element will convey a uniform quality, credibility and experience of Tyson Foods (Goodson, 2012). This will add value to the company because Tyson Foods is well known and they are more than just a product and name in the poultry ...view middle of the document...

The second brand element is meaningful. Tyson Foods is meaning full by the longevity of the company. Over the years Tyson foods have been selling families fresh meat and frozen foods. Because of their longevity, they have become a household name and credibility of the consumer. In addition, Tyson Foods provides a descriptive and persuasive message in their brand. This message style will answer the what, how and why the consumer would want this product. The Tyson Foods brand is clear and relevant to the consumer. Tyson Foods is known for making good food and leading the industry. In addition, the character of the company adds to the brand by the value it stand on.
The third brand element is transferable. Tyson Foods have the ability to introduce new products in the food industry because they are well known to the consumer. Within the 79 years of existence, Tyson Foods has sustain throughout the generations. At one time the main product fresh and frozen foods for the home, but now they are able to target the people on the go. Tyson Food is able to adapt to the changing lifestyle and the demand from the consumer for convenience. Therefore, Tyson foods is able to acquire other business and put their brand on them and have success.
Tyson Foods utilizing the brand elements of memorable, meaningful and transferable will establish a brand promise of their product that differentiates from the competitor is the quality and reliability of their product. The superior quality of Tyson Foods products has been established by being one of the largest meat product companies in the world. The consumer can...

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