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Team 1 : Product Development Work Plan

Smart Technology: Fitness Apparel


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Executive Summary

Acquity Consulting Group set out to assist our client, Athos Technology, with increasing their market share in the fitness industry. Athos Technology has developed wearable smart clothing with the distinct ability to measure muscle activity through the use of EMG sensors embedded in the clothing. The company currently offers a limited number of items in its men’s and women’s lines. Through analysis of the fitness apparel and wearable technology markets, we found that ...view middle of the document...

The next piece of wearable technology that is quickly emerging is smart clothing. Smart clothing is clothing that has digital components such as small computers or sensors embedded on them to track biometric activity from the person who is wearing them. Rather than have the electronics sewn onto a piece of fabric that could cause abrasions due to repetitive skin contact, smart clothing has sensors built into the fabric itself, without any seams. This ensures that the sensors feel like they are part of the garment itself. The technology is almost a decade old and has been used in the sports, healthcare, military, and industrial markets; however, in the fitness industry, the market for smart clothing is just starting to take shape.

Athos Product Description

Our client, Athos Technologies, has developed smart clothing technology that appeals to fitness enthusiast who would like assistance with their workout routines. The clothing is capable of monitoring how hard your muscles are working in addition to being able to record and monitor your heart rate, calories burned and breathing patterns. The product has built-in sensors that track muscle effort and activity, then sends that data to the smartphone application, giving you real-time information or a post-workout replay of your progress. This product ensures that you are working out properly, informs you on how you can work specific muscles more efficiently and provides guidelines to avoid ineffective workouts or injury. Physically, the products look like other types of compression gym apparel. It is warp-knit, has flat seam construction, four-way stretch and moisture-wicking properties.


Aside from personal trainers, other wearable fitness apparel exists with some similar functionality. Our goal is to assist Athos Technology in fine-tuning their product, to target a larger segment of the fitness community and gain widespread market share. The commercial market in which the business will operate is the otherwise highly saturated fitness industry. Athos Technology’s wearable fitness apparel and its’ unique patented design, corner the market by offering a level of functionality not otherwise seen today. The purchasing habits of consumers in this market are astounding and will be explored in order to demonstrate the need for this newly revised product and potential growth.
The Adidas miCoach training shirt has a heart rate monitor sewn right into the chest, offering an alternative to a chest strap. Additionally, Ralph Lauren launched the Polo Tech shirt, which collects information through conductive thread sewn into the shirt. OMsignal is launching its own brand of apparel with conductive thread to collect biometric information about heart rate and breathing. Hexoskin has developed a product that does basically the same thing as the other competitors, in addition to having the capability to monitor sleep patterns. (Berger, 2014)

Athos 2.0

Athos apparel has...

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