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Task 1
Promotion plan



We want to become the first Australian organization to offer a VET program for the Indian market. It is of interest to become an option along with the American and British schools for students of India and be the top Australian organization to offer these courses.

Create awareness

It is of our interest to also plant a seed in the mind of potential students because we offer a good opportunity to travel and learn also form another culture complementing the knowledge of the course.

Opening and controlling the market share

Before other institutions start to offer the same courses we want to establish our school as the most ...view middle of the document...


This is the fists step of the whole promotion plan for the next year; here we will start gathering intelligence and data regarding information of our target market. This will help to calibrate our advertisement campaign for an Indian culture.

2-Passive promotion
The second step of our plan is to start introducing our product into the market using internet and traditional tools. It will set the ground and it will help as a test of our research before making the heaviest money spending. We will also star to hire and train all the staff we will need for the following months.

3-Active promotion
The most critical part of our plan, here we will spend most of our budget in a more aggressive fashion. We are expecting to close most of our sales in this phase and start gathering all the data of our customers.

This will require more human resources than the other phases of the plan, because it is close to the deadline any new information of change will apply for the next cycle. Our promotion campaing also will be less intense.

Las part of the process the feedback will be a standard procedure to measure and adjust the knowledge we have got about the whole process.


Intelligence gathering
Budget: 20%
Duration: 2 months
Means: Focus Groups, Surveys

This is basically the first phase of our plan, even though we already have a reliable input from our other overseas students we want to get to know more about the Indian market. Using focus groups for qualitative data and surveys more focused in quantitative data applied on our target market.

All the services will be provided by independent research companies, there is no need to develop a new department only focused on research.

This will happen only once on the whole process.

Budget: 20%
Duration: Permanent
Means: Website, Social Media, mail listing
Staff: 1 person

We really want to focus a large part of our advertisement on web based tools like SEO, Mail Lists and Social Networks. We know our target spends a lot of time on the internet and is already used to these techniques.

This advertisement style will also provide very reliable information and data in real time making it a very valuable source of feedback.

Because the low cost of this way of advertisement, we can afford to hire a part-time person dedicated to these activities.


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