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Production Managment Essay

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1. How do customers judge the quality of a supermarket?

* The customers judge the quality of a supermarket in a highly subjective manner and in different ways, and this depends on their wants and needs. One way of judging the quality of a supermarket is the availability of goods and its wide range. It means that the supermarket should keep a wide range of products so that customers can pick and choose from them. Another is the quality of the customer service that they receive in the store. The behaviour of the customer care executives and to what extent they were eager to not only satisfy but delight the customers. Customers judge through the competitive price. A supermarket that can ...view middle of the document...

Also, Customer loyalty is crucial for the very survival of the supermarket as profitability is a function of customer satisfaction. A single happy and satisfied customers for a supermarket by the sheer word of mouth marketing.
b. Forecasting
* Sales forecast would help a supermarket plan its finances well. The store should forecast correctly what are going to be the fast moving items for the coming month and shall plan for the merchandize availability accordingly. Forecasting helps a supermarket maintain optimum inventory levels. It reduces company’s inventory holding costs and also saves it from the situation of a stock out, which may annoy the customer. Sound forecasting with respect to the festivals, new trends, and changing taste and preferences of customers would help a supermarket plan its merchandise accordingly and will also provide it with a competitive edge over its competitors.
c. Capacity Planning
d. Location:
* Location of the store is very important. The location should be accessible to the customer. Before finalising the location of a supermarket it must be seen what the level of competition in the local area is. A supermarket must...

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