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Productive And Counterproductive Behaviors Essay

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Productive and Counterproductive Behaviors
An effective business, along with productive employees within an organization means one things; achieving organizational goals and objectives. Like any organization it is vital that guidelines are in order for employees to follow. Guidelines will help ensure productive behaviors. The paper will define productive behavior and counterproductive behavior. The impact these behaviors have on job performance and the general performance of an organization will be described. Followed by recommendations from the author in regards to strategies that will increase productive behavior and decrease counterproductive behaviors in organizations.
Productive Behavior
An Employee who is displaying behavior that illustrates acclimation in his work will most likely be able to succeed in productive behavior. Productive behavior is the behavior that is associated with someone’s contributions that help achieve goals and objectives for the company or ...view middle of the document...

For example an employee who spends some of their work time mentoring other employees, helping them with their own task without directions from leadership, is an illustration of productive behavior. This type of behavior is associated with organizational citizenship behaviors. Innovation is another form of productive behavior. Employees who continue to renew and improve for the purpose of the organizations goals are productive.
Counterproductive Behavior
According to chapter six, Counterproductive Behaviors in Organizations, employees who engage in behaviors that involve violence, harassment, drug use and theft are counterproductive behaviors. These behaviors are not only harmful for the employees but can be detrimental for the organization. Counterproductive behavior goes against the goals and objectives of the organization and can cause setbacks. An example of counterproductive behavior is absenteeism. This creates serious problems for the organization, especially for the clients of the organization that rely on the employee. The impact of absenteeism can cost the organization thousands of dollars in not only lost revenue but also productivity. Absenteeism is one of the most common counterproductive behaviors along with employee turnover, and accidents. Least common counterproductive behaviors include employee theft, violence, mistreatment and drug use.
Conclusion Recommendations. There are external and internal factors that determine whether or not an employee will demonstrate productive or counterproductive behaviors. Aside from these factors employees must completely understand what it means when they have productive or counterproductive behaviors. This is to ensure that they know what behaviors to look out for and be prepared to change the way they are doing things. This is so important because the definition of being productive may differ from one employee to another. Policies and guidelines must also be clear and precise. These will help guide the employees to successful behaviors. Effective training is another important factor that can help increase productive behaviors and decrease counterproductive behaviors within organizations.

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