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Professional Development Plan
Institutional Affiliation


Transferable Skills Survey Results and Summary Report

Survey Results

Communication 31 out of a maximum of 39 (79%)
Research & Planning 30 out of a maximum of 36 (83%)
Human Relations 36 out of a maximum of 39 (92%)
Organization, Management, & Leadership 29 out of a maximum of 36 (81%)
Work Survival 32 out of a maximum of 36 (89%)

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Research and planning involves conceptualization of skills and knowledge for future applications, and an 83% score was achieved. Human relations refer to the ability to relate well with people and solve conflicts whenever they arise. This attribute scored 92%. Organization, management and leadership encompass the ability to guide other people to achieve certain team goals and it scored 81%. Work survival is the skill that enables an individual to achieve continuity at work and it attained an 89% score.
Working as a nurse in the United States can be hectic if one lacks the necessary communication skills. The fact that I have not quit the job yet supports the idea that I have above average skills in communication. I work with a group of ten nurses; therefore, this requires good communication skills while performing the designated duties. Each nurse is assigned a specific task and all the tasks require communication to achieve the overall goal. My assignment is to receive patients in the emergency and casualty section, and direct them to the various wards where other nurses receive and attend to the patients. The five years that I have served as a nursing professional are sufficient to enable me to learn the importance of communicating with my colleagues about the conditions of casualties and recommend the appropriate wards. Therefore, the score of 79 percent in this category is uniform with the skills that I have.
I am currently not in charge of my fellow nurses but I have been able to acquire management skills while acting in the place of the Chief Nurse when she is unavailable. Occasionally, she delegates her duties to me that have made me a better communicator. I will, therefore, use such opportunities to enhance my communication skills in terms of writing memos to my fellow nurses, and informing them of the expected work standards when the chief nurse off-duty.
At the moment, my verbal and editing skills are not adequate enough for a nurse who aspires to escalate to a more senior position in future. I will need to undertake a Verbal Communication-Illumine Training offered at . The course will help me to develop the verbal skills needed in the professional environment. Apart from that, I will also undertake an Editing Course offered by Jane Fraser Associates at The course includes various editing skills such as vocabulary and writing papers.

Research and Planning
There are times when I am left in charge of other nurses by the chief nurse and I experience little problems such absenteeism by some nurses. However, I usually request to meet all the nurses and inform them about the day’s program. I create make-shift posts for the nurses present at work and everything runs smoothly without major hitches despite the low turn-up. A score of 83 % is thus realistic coupled by planning skills that enable me to organize tasks for my colleagues.
Nurses are integral people in the society...

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