Professional Development Of Nursing Essay

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Professional Development of Nursing Professionals
Grand Canyon University
NRS 430V: Professional Dynamics
February 1, 2015

In 1970, The Institute of Medicine (IOM) was formed to assistance the government and non-government agencies in making decisions regarding healthcare, using reliable evidence. Robert Wood Johnson Foundation sponsored the IOM 2010 report, which is viewed as one of the first attempt involving the future of nursing (Institute of Medicine, 2011). A study was organized to research the numerous ways in which nurses can transform and attempt to find solutions to improve health and organize a patient-centered health care ...view middle of the document...

Today, a huge variety of associate nursing staff are improving their academic qualification to a baccalaureate level and other specialized certified programs. The educational system for nurses should be modified to enhance training, competencies, and collaborative care. The IOM report (2011) also suggested that the “state boards of nursing, in collaboration with accrediting bodies such as the Joint Commission and the Community Health Accreditation Program, should support nurses’ completion of a residency program” (p. 12). Because of this report, some medical centers have started a residence program for novice graduates (Finkelman & Kenner, 2009).
The impact of the IOM report on nursing practice
The volume of nursing staff to deliver standard care to clients is restricted by numerous factors. For example, the established rules and policies, as in the nurse’s scope of practice. Also, professional pressure and reimbursement-related limitations. The IOM report details the need to upgrade the positions of all healthcare professionals, mainly the nursing staff, in order to deliver the need for safe and affordable services to the public. The report also recommended reviewing the obsolete policies and eliminating the limitations in order to support the nursing staff and enhance their practice to a maximum extent (Institute of Medicine, 2011).
Based on the current reports and surveys, it is evident that, the need for basic care is increasing with the rise in the aging population. Nevertheless, the number of primary care nursing staff is not adequate to fill the appropriate positions to help aid patients with chronic conditions or primary care due to the movement towards specialization. As nurses, we need to constantly upgrade our skills and continue to support our mission to meet the goals of the report. Student nurses need to go beyond the classroom...

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