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Professional Ethics Essay

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1. Based on the Value Paradigm as seen in fig.1 “Understanding Human Values” you are tasked to make some listing on how the following value indicators below truly make a difference in the values of people.
Language – the way they speak
Music, dance art and images of feelings – it gives sense of identity to every individual, creating in person uniqueness and a way of identifying oneself within a certain group.
Food and the way they eat – distinguish an individual from the rest through the way that he/she chooses foods to eat. Foods that he/she chooses and eat define him or her through physical aspect and his/he belief in manipulation of foods.
Recreation – activity or activities that ...view middle of the document...

My parents give as an aura of obedience to the authority and most especially to God. Their way of rearing is full of understanding, respect, belief, and love wherein nobody is given any preferences.


Exercises/Written Assignment

1. Write one paragraph justifying the belief that the human person is the subject and object of education.
The human person is the subject and object of education because he is considered as the center of all interactions pertaining to education. He is as such for in his stead everything evolves creating the most suitable environment which would best make him more appreciative and open to any kind of changes or upheavals. As he is the subject and the object of education every changes or movements must depend in his ability, capacity, and intelligence.

2. Explain in 5 sentences your stand on the idea that “human person does not live in isolation but in community with other persons.”
It is true because as human we are now living in a community where everyone is interrelated and inter connected. Everyone is already a part of every community in a sense that because of technology our world becomes small and we tend to know things even though it is happening in the other part of the world. As a human being we have learned how to get along with one another and see ourselves as indispensable members of society. We no longer live in a place wherein we are isolated from each other but consider ourselves as players in every upheavals in the world. And finally, it is really true because as the saying goes that no man is an island.

3. Give your personal insights on the eight dimensions of the Core Values in relation to your present job now.
My insight about the eight dimensions of the Core Values in relation to my present job is that all of the dimensions are all important that must be practiced and put into life because these are the things that remind me of how fragile I am as a human being. Every dimension is unique that must be taken care of and must not be taken for granted. And lastly, these dimensions very essential for these are the things that comprises us as a human being.


Exercise/Written Assignment
Your lesson guided you to think deeply of your dignity as a MAN – created unto the image of God. As your synthesis and application of this lesson, you are required to do the following:

Art out your insights, reflections, and learning about the dignity of man. This could be done through a composition of a poem, song of Praise or a prayer of thanksgiving to God for the dignity you earned as a child of God.

Thine Love O Lord
O Lord God creator of heaven and earth, creator of all things that has come and which is to come;
I implore thee to guide me always and always ever be present for me especially in times of needs;
Grant that I should always be humble and meek...

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