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Professional Knowledge And Abilities Essay

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Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Nadine Calderon


Joe Macias

Professional Knowledge and Abilities

Successful Women in Business around the world are letting people know that it is not “A Man’s World” any longer. The professional association that interested me is American Business Women’s Association. The American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) is a national organization, founded in 1949, by a Kansas City, Missouri businessman – Mr. Hilary Bufton, Jr. During World War II, women were heavily into the workforce. Wemen gained tremendous business knowledge during this time. Mr. Bufton recognized the positive impact women had on the Economy post ...view middle of the document...

Continuing Education is very important in the Business World. The AWBA offers professional development by partnering with many Universities, and making scholarships and grants available to their members.
Education plays a large role in increasing professional knowledge. ABWA is the first women’s association to offer an online learning portal with interactive management modules that will teach member new skills that can be immediately applied as an ABWA team leader and use the training in the workplace ABWA (2010) website.
The ABWA has many opportunities for members to advance into leadership positions, in local chapters as well as running for national office. Many women are recognized locally as well as nationally for their success in their Business by Conferences that are held to help, recognize and support Members of AWBA. With such recognition all the hard work that goes into running, building, and starting a business is worthwhile. Recognition for hard work makes a person want to show others that it all pays off sooner or later. All three of these points can impact my career success in a positive way.
Networking can extend a positive growth in my day-to-day life and in my business. Always keeping my eyes and ears open to what others are doing to be successful can help me advance in a company or even start up my own company or business.
Anyone who...

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