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Professional Project Essay

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Professional Project

Proposal of Section B


(i) The reason for choice of the topic

Nowadays, marketers face challenges when they marketing their product, services and events as customers pay less and less attention to traditional advertising tools, therefore there are some new communication tools grown up in recent years. Event marketing becomes a kind of the innovative marketing communication mix and important element among the tools of integrated marketing communications. However, there are numerous difficulties are faced by event marketing. They can be in term of enhancing the awareness of the particular event when numerous events take place in a city at the ...view middle of the document...

Moreover, the effectiveness of new and innovative method and media strategies can gain maximum coverage, impact and effect throughout the event. There is a wide range of approaches available for providing the preferred message from the promotion mix, for example, sponsorship. Sponsorship is a kind of innovative communication tools which popular in the event in the recent decades. Successful events sponsorship programmes can benefit both marketing communication of the event organizer and the companies sponsor to achieve win-win positive outcomes. The objectives of the project is to analysis how to target the appropriate sponsors and building the relationship with sponsors to exploit event sponsorship programmes to achieve their communication objectives, also how to achieve the competitive advantage of the sponsorship in event communication. Hong Kong Seven is a well-behaved example to analysis the changing from the region event to an international event over 35 years which can apply...

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