Professional Regulation And Criminal Liability Nurse

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Professional Regulation and Criminal Liability
Mary Calicat
HCS/ 430
University of Phoenix
Faye Wilson
August 2, 2012

Nursing is a book in itself, and while in the health care field, it is in high demand. In the recent years this is one of the hardest working fields but with plenty of job satisfaction. In 2008-2009 brochures from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, nursing provide the largest percentage of healthcare employment, which is expected to rise considerably in the next decade. This seems to be the steps moving forward in nursing, as the need for training nurses’ jobs opens up with prospects. In health care the important purpose is to provide quality care and good ...view middle of the document...

As within all nursing practice, the point of skill of the advanced practice registered nurse swells as they go from beginner to professional(Brenner, 1982).
Advanced Practice Registered Nurse is used to describe a licensed registered nurse at a graduate degree level as either a Anesthetist, Clinical Specialist, Practitioner, or Physicians, Midwife. Credentialing is the course of getting, validating, and evaluating the education of a health care practitioner to give treatment, patient care, and services in or for a medical facility. The nursing profession needs to continue to deal with the development of field documentation and advanced practice credentialing including credentialing. Credentialing of nurses in future practice roles is the procedure of validating the ongoing skill of these registered nurses.
The registered nurse and physician relationship with patients is necessary because of the high quality care in patients’ diagnosis and treatment. The relationship between the too will creates a responsibility for the registered nurse and patient care, for effective treatment, confidence is a requirement in registered nurse or physician office. This is a lawful precondition to trust and have confidence in the offices. In the Unite State the connection between a registered nurse, physician, and patient is protected by disclosure of patient information and medical treatment.
A registered nurse and physician patients want to trusted them because of they are license to practice medicine; the physician and registered nurse have the authority to treat any sick person by any legitimate method of treatment. When a doctor is performing medicine without a license it is considered a criminal offense.
For example a suspected professional misconduct, patients are disappointed and angry at the unprofessional conduct that is obtained while being treated by the registered nurse. Health care professional who break the trust of the patient and has improper behavior among the health care facility is considered having conduct issues. It do not matter if it a physician, nurse, pharmacist certified nursing...

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