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Professional Roles Essay

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A. Functional Differences
The Missouri State Board of Nursing located in Jefferson City, Missouri, has the sole responsibility of protecting the public, and enforcing the state laws to ensure safe and competent nursing care is being provided. The Missouri State Board of Nursing consists of 9 board members who oversee that RNs and LPNs throughout the state are providing safe and competent care to the general public by following the Nurse Practice Act (“Board of Nursing”, n.d.). The Missouri State Board of Nursing is also responsible for the approval of applications for licensure after a graduate nurse has taken the NCLEX exam, as well as taking action against nurses who have ...view middle of the document...

N.) and Licensed Practical Nurse (L.P.N.) in the state of Missouri (“Board of Nursing”, n.d.). The Nurse Practice Act is a combination of statutes 335.011 to 335.355 within the state. This document portrays information on definitions, IV fluid administration, board of nursing qualifications, licensure renewal, licensure suspension, penalties for violation, minimum standards for nursing schools, general rules, and etc. It directly spells out the laws and responsibilities of the nurse within their scope of practice. The state board of nursing ensures nursing compliance through the nurse practice act ("Roles of State Boards of Nursing: Licensure, Regulation and Complaint Investigation," 2012).
The Missouri Board of Nursing and Nurse Practice Act regulate my profession as a Labor & Delivery and Public Health nurse in the following ways: I must be aware of my state Nurse Practice Act and be aware what falls within my scope of practice. If I practice outside of my scope I could endure legal ramifications as well as losing my nursing license. The Missouri Board of Nursing is the regulator of my nursing license and if I were provide incompetent or unsafe care then they could revoke or suspend my nursing license. I must be responsible for renewing my nursing license every 2 years.
The American Nurses Association Nursing Code of Ethics is a guide for all nurses that outlines the nursing profession. It portrays the values and responsibilities of every nurse in providing ethical competent care to the general public. It consists of two components: the provisions and the interpretive statements (American Nurses Association, 2011). “There are a total of nine provisions, with the first three being used to describe the values and commitments of the nurse, the next three address boundaries of duty and loyalty, while the last three address duties outside single patient encounters” (Fowler & American Nurses Association, 2015, p. xiii). The code of ethics is considered a professional research guide for nurses to use to help guide their nursing care.
The American Nurses Association Code of Ethics influences my nursing practice as a Labor & Delivery and Public Health Nurse in the following ways: It portrays the values and responsibilities that I must have as a nurse in order to provide ethical competent care to my patients as well as serving as a professional research guide for me to turn to.
The differences between the Missouri State Board of Nursing and the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics are that the State Board of Nursing is responsible for protecting the public and seeing that state laws are followed by nurses. They hold the authority to approve and deny nursing license applications as well as suspend and revoke nursing licenses. They are the overall regulator of the nursing profession. Whereas the American Nurses Association Code of Ethics acts as a guide for nurses in helping them provide ethical competent care to patients. It...

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