Professional Roles And Values Essay

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Functional Differences
Functional differences exist between regulatory agencies, such as the Iowa Board of Nursing as well as the Iowa State Nurse Practice Act, and Professional Nursing Organizations such as the NGNA (National Geriatric Nursing Association) and the code of ethics. The role of the Iowa Board of Nursing is to regulate nursing practice by protecting the public by ensuring that the nurses are following the standard of nursing practice as well as being competent in the field of nursing. A few responsibilities of the board is to interpret and enforce the state nurse practice act, accredit or approve nursing education programs, develop nursing practice standards from the ...view middle of the document...

An example of how this pertains to this writer is covering the resident’s genital areas while bathing to respect their dignity as respect for human dignity is included in the Code of Ethics.
Nursing Code Examples
The Nursing Code of Ethics has multiple provisions. Two of the provisions that this writer is greatly influenced by is; Provision 3 from the ANA Code of Ethics. To promote, advocate and strive to protect the health, safety and rights of the patient & Provision 7 to participate in the advancement of the profession through contributions to practice, education, administration, and knowledge development. Provision 3 influences this writer’s practice by always advocating for the patient (American Nurses Association, 2001).
If ever a patient feels like there is room for improvement on their care, this writer will make sure that it is addressed. For example, if a resident complains that (s)he is being poked too many times as they have a history of diabetes with within normal limit glucometer readings this writer will fax the primary care provider and ask to decrease the frequency of the blood glucose checks. This writer is also influenced by Provision 7 as continuing education is part of the day to day lifestyle. In order to keep up on current events, medications, and procedures this writer reads journals, takes CEU courses, as well as share this information with other nurses.
Professional Traits
Included in the ANA Code of Ethics are profound professional traits. Respect, compassion, confidentiality, and integrity are traits that this writer brings to the professional team (American Nurses Association, 2001). Respect is a primary factor in the field of healthcare. When respect is given, respect is earned and it also provides a rapport between the resident and the caregiver. For example, knocking on the client’s door and receiving permission to come in before entering is a simple way this writer shows respect on a daily basis. When caring for the clients, they are treated as they are a part of one’s family; ensuring that everything is done at its best to show my compassion for the clients. Also when accessing healthcare information, I make sure that others only know information on a “need to know” basis so that the client can ensure that their healthcare information is confidential. For example, I inform other nurses of medications while coworkers in dietary do not need to know this information so they only receive information on certain foods that the client may not consume as part of the dietary restriction due to medications. Furthermore, bringing integrity to the team is very beneficial as it also helps develop a rapport. Being honest and upright gives the team a strong backbone ensuring that tasks are completely correctly and also builds trust between coworkers as well as clients.
Theory in Professional Practice
This writer is greatly influenced by Nightingale’s theory that states that "patients are to be put...

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