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Professionalism Essay

2532 words - 11 pages

Why care about Professionalism?

Presented to
Ms. Bobbie Schnepf, Instructor
Southeastern Louisiana University, College of Business
Hammond, Louisiana

Prepared by
Ty Fajoni, Eric Pohlmann, and Nicole Walters – Team 6
Business Students – Management 240_08
Southeastern Louisiana University

April 21, 2010

Table of contents

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The first in becoming a professional is to understand what professionalism is and its characteristics.
* Characteristics. Successful professionals have respect for themselves and their profession. They have the interest in serving the needs of others and have good team work abilities.
* Behavior/Appearance. When you walk in to your workplace or a professional setting properly attired and possessing good behavior, you are accepted in their environment. There are many factors that you must consider before acceptance is established.

The findings suggest that individuals who are engaged in professional activities and who develop a true understanding of the aspects of being a professional develop the essentials of professionalism. Professionals who are continuously engaged in constructing new understandings in the business world are likely to succeed in the essence of professionalism.

introduction: professionalism
This project was conducted to explore what it means to be a professional in today’s business environment and how to project an image that enhances one’s reputation and value in the workplace. In particular, the research looks for answers to these questions:
* What is a professional?
* What characteristics are valued in the workplace?
* Why is behavior and appearance vital in the workplace?

background: the role of a professional
Team six of Business Management 240_08 class conducted this research of Professionalism at the request of their instructor. The entire class was broken up into teams and requested to complete a presentation and report on professionalism. Our research was presented in a power-point presentation on April 21, 2010.

The objective for the assignment was to develop a defined understanding of the attributes and values involved with professionalism. Just as the other teams in the class, team six was motivated to complete the research because not only did it further our education, it also provided essential information that we will use in our future careers in the business world.

During our research, we found data for this report, which came from internet research and a survey from a professor of York College on college graduates and their professionalism in the workplace. The results of this survey, confirmed our findings of why an individual should care about professionalism.

“The level of professionalism displayed by college graduates has diminished over the years. Kelly Gorman said she attributes it to the failure to foster a sense of independence in them when they were children. Gorman is manager of human resources at Harrisburg-based Penn National Insurance, which has nearly 850 employees. People who lack professionalism include those who are not neatly groomed or appropriately dressed, as well as those who submit applications and résumés containing spelling errors, she said. Gorman's observations coincide with the results of a recent study commissioned by...

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