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Program Planning And Evaluation Essay

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Program Planning and Evaluation Paper
February 5, 2012

Program Planning and Evaluation Paper
There are so many different human service organizations around the country today, that it may be difficult to see the commonalities and or differences within each, I myself have this issue yet I believe that the commonalities are what includes many agencies to be human service agencies and the differences are what makes up the plethora of agencies still considered human service branches.
The Human service agency I chose to work with this block is the Peace Domestic Violence Agency, I am pulled towards this agency because I can see not only does this ...view middle of the document...

this agency for instance also qualifies families that may have members in the prison system, and youth or children who may have already reached the penal system to improve their quality of life by teaching them how to better themselves by learning new skills, boosting confidence and helping them to obtain their own personal support network. these skills and opportunities are what may be the difference in what makes an abuse victim or an abuse survivor.
all of this is an amazing process however it all began with a process titled Program Planning. Program Planning begins with in depth research and information of the target service, for example drug abuse prevention, or in our case Domestic Violence Services and those afflicted in any way by Domestic Violence or Domestic Abuse.
In this instance analysis has come to light that the Portland metropolitan area shows proof of an increase of reports relating to domestic violence, youth violence, spousal and child abuse, assaults and even road rage over a period of the previous five years, and so without such analysis there would be no evidence pointing to need for such a target service.
The use of the term "Program Evaluation" is to study and improve the application of such a program and to positively affect the outcome of a service for the said program. by conducting a program evaluation on a annual or semiannual basis this in turn can show an agency where it needs improvements and, what areas within the agency are successful.
I find that the some of the technical aspects of a program such as the Peace Domestic Violence Agency would be issues such as having qualified and accredited staff such as psychologists, medical staff including but not limited to onsite...

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