Progressive Leadership Styles Essay

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Early on in researching what type of leadership style I possessed, I concluded that I was a transformational leader because of my well rounded and easily approachable style of management. However, through the scope of learning in this class and my continued investigation of my leadership “self,” I refined my leadership style as more of a coaching/participative style. As a coaching leader I’ve attempted to tie together career aspirations and personal goals of my employees. I take a personal interest in wanting them to succeed and provide hands on instruction help make sure they understand what is being required of them (Money-Zine, 2013). Giving continued feedback on performance, delegating ...view middle of the document...

Here are two faulty assumptions for example: 1) You should always know what I mean; and, 2) I should always know what you mean. The premise seems to be that since people live or work together, they are or should be able to read each other's minds. Some people believe that since they are transparent to themselves, they are transparent to others as well; "since I exist, you should understand me", they seem to be saying (Changing Minds, 2013).I have to make sure that I am not presuming that others understand exactly what it is that I am trying to communicate, by asking questions and observing I can better understand if my message has come across. In order to ensure that there is a clarity of ideas and instruction, I plan to make sure that misunderstandings are mitigated by utilizing clarity development (Clarity Development, 2013) which is a program that helps individuals and businesses communicate better through a series of programs and learning sessions.
To have balance between workers and management I need to make sure that I stay in touch with the needs of my team mates and not just tow the “company line.” It’s been said that great managers break every rule perceived as “conventional wisdom,” when dealing with the selection, motivation, and development of staff. The implications of this insight for training and performance development are profound. By encouraging building on what people can already do well Instead of trying to “fix” weaker talents and abilities, I can help point my team mates in the direction of what our organizational goals are (Heathfield, 2013).
The well-being of employees is paramount to communities and organizations. The workplace is a significant part of an individual’s life and definitely affects their well-being. However, as employees we are responsible for the interests of the company for which we work; therefore management represents a symbiotic relationship...

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