Progresso, You Gotta Taste This Soup

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Progresso You Gotta Taste this Soup
Progresso grew from an Italian Import Company to a Quality Soup Company with an Italian Heritage. The company seal and name Progresso (meaning “progress” in Italian) was designed to communicate the vision of progress, a cornerstone of the Progresso philosophy. The first Progresso soups were taken from real family recipes; made with the same ingredients and in the same way as the homemade soups. In 1949 Progresso introduced the first canned ready-to-serve soup in America and has grown to become the No. 1 ready-to-eat soup brand in America by using quality ingredients. Progresso continues to build on its rich history of flavorful products that delight ...view middle of the document...

They tell her she’s in the garden picking herbs to which she says, “She’s so cute, I’ll hold.”
In 2010, Progresso stepped up its emphasis on superior taste with the rollout of World Recipes soups and the first four are Mexican-inspired flavors.
I think the customers Progresso is reaching out to are Thinkers, Achievers and Believers. All three of these have similar qualities; conservative, focus on family, tradition.
Thinkers and Achievers look further for functionality, value and brands that demonstrate success to their peers. One commercial shows how a soup with fiber doesn’t have to compromise good taste making it convenient for consumers to get more fiber in their diets while enjoying a wholesome, satisfying meal.
Believers also favor American-made products and here’s where I think Progresso’s packaging is effective. The can colors are blue, the lettering is mostly white and their Progresso banner resembles a flag and has red trim – what is more American than Red, White & Blue?
Benefit Segmentation & Usage:
Progresso focuses on the advantages their customers receive rather on the characteristics of the customers themselves; mostly weight loss and receiving fresh ingredients. One commercial shows a guy calling to ask if the clams are fresh in his Clam Chowder soup. The kitchen “connects” him to the boat to talk to the captain.

Product Positioning
Progresso Soups have almost 50 flavors from which to choose and seven categories, each targeting a different market segment: Traditional, Vegetable Classics, Rich & Hearty, Reduced Sodium, Light, High Fiber and...

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