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Project Approach Reflection

Project Approach Reflection
For any teacher the Project Approach is a practical book that is full of ideas for teachers who are developing investigative projects with young children. I view this book as a powerful resource that combines educational theories with many ways to support and document learning. Initially I was confused with all of the aspects of the project approach, and how exactly to incorporate into curriculum. This book took me on a journey and helped me to discover answers to my questions about the project approach. At first I was very skeptical of the project approach implementation but this book offers a how-to-guide for projects, ...view middle of the document...

The project integrates much of the same knowledge and skills presented in more formal ways in the classroom. Projects have the advantage of providing an opportunity for children to apply and use what they are learning as they solve problems and share what they know. It also provides opportunities for developing group skills such as working with others and challenges children to think.
Some people are skeptical of the Project Approach because they are concerned with academic standards being neglected, and the disregard of formal instruction. Teachers are able to observe children’s progress in project work by collecting children’s work, observing what they are doing, and analyzing. In so many words teachers are documenting the student’s along their journey through a project. Documentation is one of the most powerful assessment tools. Being able to see children’s strengths and weaknesses first hand is the best way to assess them. The curriculum standards and goals are reviewed ahead of time and strategies are planned to be sure that children are learning concepts and skills that are specified in the goals....

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