Project Budgeting, Procurement, And Quality Integrated Change Control Plan

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Masters in Information Technology Project Management

Project Budgeting, Procurement, and Quality
Integrated change Control Plan

TS5332 Project Budgeting, Procurement, and Quality
Thursday, July 14, 2016

Triplicty Events Integrate Change Control Plan 1
Plan to Setup Change Control Board (CCB) 1
Category 1. Changes to Project Objectives 1
Category 2. Forced Modification of Scope 1
Category 3. Possible Modification of Scope – 1
Plan to Review and Approve Requested Changes 3
Change management process 4
Change Request Process Flow Requirements 4
Change Request Form and Change Management Log 5
Plan for Managing Approved Change ...view middle of the document...

Changes to Project Objectives – Typically, these changes are not part of the original scope, but are approved by the CCB. A typical example would be a change in the market.
Category 2. Forced Modification of Scope – A new technology or product that may not have been available earlier in the project life cycle, may significantly improve the probability of the project success.
Category 3. Possible Modification of Scope – These changes are not part of the original scope and not required in achieving the project objectives. They are typically desired changes to the project scope.
The change control process for the Triplicity project will follow the guidelines outlined in by the CCB review. The CCB review will follow a specific flow chart that has been proven to improve quality control in other projects. The steps are: “identify, assess, approve, implement, and follow-up” (PMI, 2013). [Direct quotes require a citation with a page or para. number. See APA pp. 171-172.]Every step needs to be followed in the change control to ensure the issue and resolution is well thought out.
Prior to the review by the CCB the internal company processes should be implemented. The following illustration defines these internal process it includes the direction after approval or rejection of the desired change:
Plan to Review and Approve Requested Changes
Triplicity change management plan documents will tack the necessary information required to effectively manage the cloud solution project change. Change is expected to be inevitable throughout the cloud solution project. To better manage [< Split infinitive] these changes the change management plan will be created during the planning phase of the project. The purpose is to allow the Triplicity project manager, project team, project sponsor to minimize any changes, and added overheads that could ultimately affect the budget and schedule of the project.
Change request will be reviewed and approved by the change control board. The control board will decide whether to accept or reject the changes. Proper planning and prioritizing is required before any change request is implemented, tested, recorded and evaluated. This process will help avoid any negative impact to any other working service request. The cloud solution change request will also be needed when it is deemed necessary to change the scope, time or cost of one or more previously approved project deliverables. “The main outputs of scope validation are accepted deliverables, change requests, work performance information, and project documents updates”. [< Remove this period] (Schwalbe, Kathy [< Improper name format. See APA p. 177 for examples.] 2014). [Direct quotes require a citation with a page or para. number. See APA pp. 171-172.]
The Triplicity change request plan will be reviewed and then assigned to the approved requester. There will be different groups for various changes. Once the change request is reviewed and meets the requirements...

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