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Project Close Out Essay

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The ultimate goal of a construction project is to successfully complete the project by meeting and hopefully exceeding the Owner’s initial expectations. For a company to achieve this, however, is not as simple as you may think. It takes commitment and considerable resources. Since resources such as time, energy, and money are so valuable now a days, it is critical that all resources are used and used with their full potential.
There are some simple guidelines and documents that contractors use to help the Owners get the most bang for their buck. A complete and comprehensive project folder is essential to reaching this goal. When reviewing these documents and guidelines, it’s ...view middle of the document...

The documentation need for a construction project is vital to the legal aspects of the project and for the pace of the project. There are many documents that can be used to assist in a project’s close-out, but the following documents are very common and carry their own procedures.
Once a project has reached substantial completion, the work is sufficiently complete so the Owner can occupy or utilize the project for its intended purpose. When the Contractor considers the project to have reached this level, the Contractor should notify the Design Professional, Owner, and the Building Authority to request an inspection. Substantial completion must be agreed to by all parties. Satisfaction that the “punch list” of the remaining work can be accomplished in a reasonable timeframe (normally 30 days or less) should be reviewed before committing to substantial completion. Extensive punch lists typically do not meet the definition of “substantially complete”. Owners who inadvertently agree to award substantial completion to meet their operational needs may be faced with months of uncompleted work and dissatisfaction. Typically Owners assume responsibility for maintenance, security, utilities, damage, and insurance once the project is accepted as substantially complete. For this reason, it is crucial that the project truly has reached a level a completion so it can be used for its intended purpose. When an agreement has been reached with the Contractor, Owners should attach to the approved substantial completion form, the punch list with any other conditions. The document is then submitted to the Building Authority for final approval. Normally substantial completion is approved prior to the request for final payment; therefore it is not necessary to resubmit this form. Again, good communication is the key to a successful project so the Owner should inform the Contractor at the pre-construction conference that they will require the completed close-out documents prior to approving project substantial completion.
For final completion, there are a few steps that need to be done. First, all the punch list items need to be completed. Second, some paperwork and documentation needs to be approved and/or handed in including but not limited to: submittals, Operation & Maintenance manuals, warranty information, and if used, Manufacturer’s Certificate of Proper Installation (MCOPI) and Manufacturer’s Certificate of Proper Operation (MCOPO). Next would be to establish the date the project is complete. The project completion date begins the 30 day timeframe for an Agency to release the retainage. The Design Professional will coordinate a date and time for the Agency, Design Professional, Contractor, and the Building Authority Observer to meet on site to verify that the project is complete. If all parties agree that final completion has been met, then the parties will execute the Certificate of Final Completion form on the date each...

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