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Project In Total Quality Management Essay

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• Leadership the art or process of influencing people so that they will strive ...view middle of the document...

Strategists have a vision about the future and are able to position their organizations to create and respond to that future. The rules for strategists are about creating, defining, and delivering principles of what can be.
2. Make things happen. Turn what you know into what you do. The executor dimension of the leader focuses on the question, “How will we make sure we get to where we are going?” Executors translate strategy into action and put the systems in place for others to do the same. Executors understand how to make change happy, assign accountability, and know which key decisions to take and which to delegate, and make sure that teams work well together. They keep promises to multiple stakeholders. The rules for executors revolve around discipline for getting things done and the technical expertise to get the right things done right.
3. Engage today’s talent. Leaders who optimize talent answer the question, “Who goes with us on our business journey?” Talent managers know how to identify, build, and engage talent to get results now. They identify what skills are required, draw talent to their organizations, engage these people, communicate extensively, and ensure that employees turn in their best efforts. Talent managers generate intense personal, professional, and organizational loyalty. The rules for talent manager’s center on resolutions that help people develop themselves for the good of the organization.
4. Build the next generation. Leaders who are human capital developers answer the question, “Who stays and sustains the organization for the next generation?” Talent managers ensure shorter-term results through people, while human capital developers ensure that the organization has the longer term competencies required for future strategic success; they ensure that the organization will outlive any single individual. Just as good parents invest in helping their children succeed, human capital developers help future leaders be successful. Throughout the organization, they build a workforce plan focused on future talent, understand how to develop that talent, and help employees see their future careers within the company. Human capital developers install rules that demonstrate a pledge to building the next generation of talent.
5. Invest in yourself. At the heart of the Leadership Code literally and figuratively is personal proficiency. Effective leaders cannot be reduced to what they know or what they do. Who they are as human beings has everything to do with how much they can accomplish with and through other people.
• Leadership needs a strong understanding of the nature of human being:
1. Basic needs
2. Wants
3. Interest
4. Abilities
• A good leader will find ways to reward and thereby inspire employees. Employees must believe a task is important if they are to be committed to it. Employees must also be given some personal control over the task in order to make the task their own and therefore something to which...

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