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Project Listen Reflection Essay

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STTREND Reflection Paper No:
Joseph E. Beck
Project LISTEN / May 31, 2012

Project LISTEN is an automated reading tutor that teaches reading to children by displaying stories on the computer screen and listening to them read the words aloud. The speaker and his team formed many research questions such as if particular parts of speech (POS) are more difficult than others, the factors that influence question difficulty, and how to improve evaluation of students through the use of Multiple Choice Cloze Questions. They chose Multiple Choice Cloze Questions because of the following advantages: (1) the questions constructed are well-specified and unbiased because of randomization, (2) the ...view middle of the document...

I believe that the questions should not be totally randomized and should, to some extent, still be controlled to match the reading level of the students. The reading level should not be dependent only on the age of the students. After all, there are children that learn extremely fast as compared to other students in their age group. Since the students have their own profiles, the system can have an AI that learns and adapts to the skill level of the students.

Aside from assessing the reading ability of the students, they also want to know the effectiveness of the interventions provided by the system in aiding the students. They provide interventions such as reading the sentence up to the word the student does not know, sounds like, pronounce the word letter by letter, etc. I’m not really sure but for me, the intervention that would most probably be effective is the “sounds like”. Anyway, the interventions may be effective to some extent in teaching the students how to pronounce the words. But two things that I think is lacking in...

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