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Project Management Chapters 10 And 11

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Kelli Harper
March 19, 2016

2. What are some essential skills for an effective project manager? How can these skills be developed? Strong leadership ability, ability to develop people, excellent communication skills, good interpersonal skills, handle stress, problem solving, negotiating, and time management skills. Gain experience, learn from others, Interview project managers that have the skills you want to develop in yourself, conduct a self-evaluation, and learn from your mistakes, mentor, participate in education and training programs, join organizations such as Project Management Institute, read subscribe to journals or look up articles, earn a credential, and volunteer.
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Delegation is not “passing the buck.” The project manager is still ultimately responsible for achieving the project results. The project manager who understands and practices delegation ensures effective performance by the project team and creates the conditions necessary for cooperation and teamwork. For example, one person, working alone, cannot be expected to paint six rooms in a week when it is estimated that it takes two days to paint each room. Similarly, the project manager cannot expect individuals to perform tasks for which they do not have the appropriate expertise. For example, an individual without the appropriate knowledge of chemistry or analysis techniques cannot be expected to perform a chemical analysis.
12. Describe some ways a project manager can make a project more fun and team members committed? Project managers should enjoy their work and encourage the same positive attitude on the part of the project team members. The project manager should set a positive example for the team in terms of expected behavior. Motivation through recognition, positive reinforcement helps stimulate desired behavior. Value the contributions of their team.
3. What are some characteristics associated with effective project teams? Can the same be said for an effective couple, orchestra, or professional sports team? Why or why not? Clear understanding of the project objective, clear expectations of roles and responsibility, results orientation, high degree of cooperation and collaboration, high level of trust. I believe that these characteristics would be helpful in any type of relationship. The trust that you will be on time for practices, that you will always give 100% on and off the playing arena, things seem to run smoothly when we all get along, results orientation is a given we want to win games, we want to sound good when playing, and at certain age we no longer date to be dating we are looking to get married. So these characteristics are important to couples, sports reams, and even the orchestra.
8. What role does the...

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